DOT drug testing

In recent decade’s lot of vehicular accidents have been recorded in national highways. The accidental cases so far analyzed have reported that it had taken place due to the drug abuse and alcohol abuse while driving. Lot of restricted drugs is abused by the truck drivers and other drivers which is the root cause for the vehicular accidents in national highways.

As far as the risk is considered drug testing programs were implemented in all highways to ensure that drivers are away from drugs and alcohols. Every driver must undergo the following procedures in drug testing programs.

· Each driver should submit their urine samples or any samples required for random alcohol and prohibited substance testing.

· Before collection of the samples the drivers are taken with certain physical test such as checking for their breathe, allowing them to march in straight line by closing their eyes, to point their nose by closed eyes and other physical examination. If this physical testing shows positive result and are preceded with drug testing procedures.

· Driver should submit their urine samples within one hour to the drug testing tables.

· If the driver fails to submit their urine samples they are considered as the positive for drug addiction.

· Urine samples are collected in two vials, one to be stored in lab for future use and other is taken for drug testing procedures.

Rate of drug testing have reached maximum every year and are administrated by the federal registrar. 50% of the drug testing procedures is followed in every national highway to protect the driers from vehicular accidents. Drug testing facility is enhanced by the employer drug testing, cigarette drug test, dot drug testing, dot drug and alcohol testing. Department of transport have joined their hands to eradicate drugs in truck drivers and other transport workers.

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