Domestic Violence Of Women And Drug Abuse – Positive Drug Testing

The term “domestic violence” means an act by a family member or partner to control the other using intentional physical, psychological, and sexual force. These acts of violence may range anywhere from physical or verbal terrorization, slapping, burning, choking, stabbing, shooting, killing pets, withholding money, name calling, forced sex etc. The violence may be exerted on anyone like parents, spouses, children, siblings, etc. Amongst others, the most affected ones, i.e. about 95% of them are women. A report shows that in United States every 15 seconds a woman is being battered by her husband, boy friend, or partner. It has been observed that the domestic violence is the main cause for injury to women in the age group of 15 to 45.

Most of the time, it is believed that these domestic violence has a close relationship with drug abuse. The majority of persons who indulge in domestic violence are known to have the problem of drug abuse.

A study reveals that the maximum number of domestic violent cases involves drug or alcohol abuse. Another research has shown up that the drug abusers more frequently become violent and exhibits forced sex against women. The worst thing is that drug abusers involve in domestic violence not only when they intake drugs but also during the period of drug abstinence.

The drug abusers are more prone to involve in domestic violence as the drug use decreases self consciousness and alter perceptions. These problems, both substance abuse and domestic violence can be a grave barrier to employment as well as pose a threat to child well being.

Several of these people have been positive in drug screening and alcohol screening methods. Mostly they test positive in benzodiazepine screen, xanax and drug testing, valium drug test, lorazepan drug test, ativan drug test and some positive in multiple drugs in 10 panel drug screen.

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