Do you have drug addicting personality? – I cup drug test

There are some people with addictive personality. They go addict on silly things such as chocolates, games like casino, alcohol, movies, toys and drugs. What is an addiction mean in common? Addiction generally mean a compulsive behavior to self possess the entire thing what they like. It may be living thing or non living thing. People just go crazy over the things they like and become habitual. Drug is one kind of addiction that is made as compulsory behavior in the abuser. They become more vulnerable to self destructive.

Do all the people with addiction have certain personality traits? Do they experience any issue or that make more vulnerable to drug addiction? These are the queries put forth by most of the people. An expert says that drug addiction is a complicated disease that may generalize a single character change to destruction of the user.

Not all human beings on the earth are alike. Some people loose their control over alcohols and some over drugs. The reason will not be same for all users of drug and alcohol. It is impossible to comprise all addictive people under a category. It basically differs with their personality. Yet most of the addicted people share the common traits. So what is that addictive personality mean?

Addictive personality include

· Antisocial personality

· Low distress tolerance

· Distress delaying satisfaction

· Compulsive behavior

· Substituting vices

· Insecurity

· Depression

At last addiction is the combination product of interdisciplinary action. It can be easily identified with behavior. Take a self drug test by using icup drug test, urinalysis test for alcohol, urine drug testing, cigarette smoke test and tobacco urine test. These tests helps to know the level of drug s addicted and find your personality changes towards addiction.

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