Digital EPT Pregnancy Test Instructions

With the advent in science research pregnancy testing kits have also been attained a change. Digital pregnancy testing kits are the innovative testing kits that are widely accepted by the women. This testing kit does not make any difference with the test results as it display only pregnant or not pregnant in plain English. It does not let the user in to confusion. If problem occurs in the testing it is informed by displaying an error message.

This testing kit contains two parts; one is the holder with digital readout and another one is the separate test stick. Getting started with this pack is very easy. Get the holder and testing stick out of the pack and remove the cap from the test kit. Next the user has to line up the purple arrows and the holder to point next to each other on the test kit. Subsequently insert the test stick in to the holder until a click sound is heard. Once the stick and holder are set properly, a symbol will appear to denote for the correct assemblage.

As like the classical version of testing strip, the holder along with test strip is placed in the urine stream or dipped in the collected urine sample. The exposure time must be followed very strictly in order to get the accurate results. For every right step, a symbol will be flashed over the result window. If the steps are not correct then it will produce an error message.

Results are obtained with in three minutes. If any problem occurs it will leave a blank window or with the message leaflet. Fault might occur in the inadequate urine sample. Detection early pregnancy test, Clearblue pregnancy test, home kit pregnancy test, pregnancy test and HCG level, fact plus pregnancy test are test concerned with pregnancy test.

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