Different types of Methamphetamine drug testing

Methamphetamine belongs to the second class of drug category. Methamphetamine has medicinal use only if used in a prescribed form. It becomes more harmful to the user if it as taken habitually.

Drug test for methamphetamine includes the 5 panel urine drug test kit and 12 panel drug screen tests by SAMHSA. Various drug tests offered for methamphetamine testing are urine drug test, blood drug test, saliva drug test and hair drug test. Each type of drug test has its own specialty. Among all kind f drug test urine drug test for methamphetamine is the best and reliable method. Urine drug test is considered as most important one because methamphetamine breaks down into their metabolites and are diffused in the urine. Methamphetamine resides in the urine for about three to five days. So prediction of drug will be easier with the urine sample. Urine drug testing has need of urine sample collected freshly prior to drug testing. Make sure that the sample does not contain any impurities, contaminants and adulterants which may be barrier for drug detection. The samples are then treated with chemicals to obtain the result.

The other reliable method is saliva drug test. The viability of saliva sample is up to 72 hours. Trace amount of drugs can be detected from saliva sample which could not be predicted from the urine sample. Saliva drug test aids in the detection of other drugs such as opiates and cocaine. Hair drug test method for methamphetamine is quite expensive yet the results are accurate.

Meth drug test are tested for the methamphetamine drug addicted people. The various sample used in the test will provide you the amount of drug has been addicted by a person. Moreover testing for drugs will save you from the health hazard produced by the drugs.

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