Diagnostic Screening For Drugs – Intoxication

Drug testing in the broader sense means that you are being tested for the presence of any drugs in the body. Diagnostic screening for drugs is done to find out the cause of intoxication in case drug abuse or poisoning is suspected.

Before diagnostic testing is done for quantity, a qualitative analysis of the probable drugs of abuse is done. For instance, oratect oral screening, urine adulteration testing, specific gravity urine test, icup drug testing, icup drug screen are a few of them.

It is very common that a girl is brought to the hospital who says that she can’t remember her name or remember where she is from. It is possible that a psychiatrist is sent for and she is suspected for amnesia or any other form of memory loss. But what you need to know that even certain drugs of abuse produce such symptoms. One such drug is the date rape drug or ketamine which is famous for its effect on the higher centers producing dissociative anesthesia. In such cases diagnostic screening would help you out.

There are many drugs which produce disorientation and unconsciousness ranging from drowsiness, stupor to coma. If you are unable to ascertain the cause using the usual diagnostic imaging techniques like MRI, then do not forget to do a diagnostic drug testing as there are a lot of possibilities that the higher centers are suppressed due to the drugs of abuse.

All you have to do is to take a blood sample or a urine sample and do a rapid drug testing using the drug testing kits and get accurate results within minutes. Once you find out what drug is present in the body, then you can do a detoxification process using its antagonist. Different institutions follow different methods of testing; however, all of the processes starts up with preliminary testing.

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