Counseling for drug addiction

As far as an effect of drug addiction is concerned, treatment is the foremost essential one required immediately. Counseling is considered as the best way to recover from drug addiction. Lot of rehab centers have implemented counseling as a part of treatment program which is working effectively.

Dual disorders recovery counseling (DDRC) is an incorporated move toward to treatment of patients with drug abuse disorders and co moody psychiatric mess. The DDRC is the modern counseling where it integrates a person and cluster addiction counseling to make an effort to stabilize the center of treatment. Both the patient’s addiction and psychiatric subjects are addressed in this counseling.

The DDRC model is based on the hypothesis that there are more than a few treatment stages that patients might go from side to side. These phases are uneven rule defining a number of typical subjects like how to deal with patients and so on.

Phases included in this counseling are

· Engagement and stabilization

· Early recovery

· Middle recovery

· Late recovery

Each phase in the counseling covers about a week’s time and some times longer depending on the intensity of the drug addiction in the patients. The aim of this counseling is to bring back the normal life of the patient and to lead a drug free life. They are given with counseling as well as taught how to overcome the relapse and to maintain self discipline though out their life.

Self discipline is an essential part of a human to lead a successful life. Every person comes across certain problems in their life. To be noted that drugs are not the supporting medicine for that. Drug screen testing, heroin drug testing, vicodin drug testing, urine testing for opiate, hydrocodone drug testing are the common drug test carried out in rehabs.

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