Consequences of over dose drugs – Urinalysis drug test

The common victim for over dose drug abuse is children. To save children from accidental drug overdose threat, all drugs must be piled up in containers with child resistant lids. All drugs must be out of children’s view and contact if possible drugs can be in a locked cupboard. Prescribed medications must be used according to instructions and alone by the one whose name is on the prescription label. Intimidation of suicide must to be taken sincerely and must seek right help hunted for people with misery or additional mental complaints which may show the way to commit suicide.

A lot of victims of drug overdose are getting better exclusive of long term effects however there can be severe consequences. Some drug overdoses can cause the malfunctioning of main organs like kidneys or liver, or malfunction of entire systems like the respiratory or circulatory systems. Patients who stay alive with drug overdose possibly will require kidney dialysis, kidney or liver transplantation, or continuing worry as a consequence of heart collapse, stroke, or loss of consciousness. Fatality can take place in roughly with any drug overindulge condition, for the most part if treatment does not start in on right away.

Patients who are receiving psychiatric services are as well at risk for overindulging on second generation antipsychotic drugs such as Zyprexa. The effects of the drug are diluted by administrating the activated charcoal.

However overdose can be treated by giving the alternative drugs with proper monitoring. Every treatment will proceed with the drug testing procedure so as to confirm the level of overdose in the patient. Drug testing will help more to know the over dose in patients this show the way for proper treatment. Urinalysis drug test, drug screen detection, random drug screen, drug test pill, test for prescription drug abuse and addiction.

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