Coerced Abstinence – Blood Alcohol Content Breathalyzer

Someone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol require more care than we can guess. They ought to get some paternal treatment than a normal healthy adult. They lose their ability of self-command, social manners and legal morality.

They lose the ability to take care of themselves in the most appropriate way. Several drug testing policies and drug treatment policies fail because those who are addicts are in a state of helplessness trapped between criminal charge for abuse and their real need for paternal care.

Since none of the programs provides them with the needful care, most of those programs without a paternal touch lose the handle, leaving the addict to live an addict than transform to be a better person.

After getting in to the habit of potentially addictive substances, they tend to become a regular in the list of frequently arrested offenders. Drug abusers when arrested develop an attitude of feeling criminal. However, they are the helpless mob. The slim line between the two thins out; drug addicts perceived to be at par with criminals. However, there are those criminals who are also addicts!

Illicit street drugs bring about a great degree of social damage. The set of problems created by drug control measures is even more! However, it is not healthy to consider such measures. Despite the problems they carry with them, they also carry solutions.

Punishments rendered to treat someone lead to suffering and violence. Coerced drug rehabilitation is a kind of rehabilitation program where it involves treating those under parole and probation to be sober by keeping them under regular drug testing.

Most of those under coerced treatment are required to report to court on their progress periodically. However, the political feasibility of executing this program is not as efficient.

Coerced drug testing involves tests like alcohol in testing urine, benzodiazepine drug screen, valium drug testing, amphetamine drug testing, and blood alcohol content breathalyzer

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