Cocaine Drug Testing Kits – Dot 10 Panel Drug Test

Cocaine is the only present day naturally occurring anesthetic for therapeutic use. It is an alkaloid substance found in the plants of coca. Cocaine is referred to as the sparkling wine of drugs. It is a strong stimulant works in short span of time, has limited safety, as limited sedative with high competence and toxicity. Cocaine is used legally for medication which has lessened over years but illegally cocaine has achieved significant popularity. Cocaine efficiently acts on the central nervous system jamming the initiation or conduction action and stimulation occurring in the nerves of brain. It arouses the central nervous system to modify the process of uptake and metabolism of, serotonin acetylcholine and nor epinephrine.

Cocaine clinically used as the anesthesia and vasoconstriction for nose, throat and oral cavity surgical treatment. At present day cocaine are continuously used as the recreational drugs. The sudden withdrawal of the cocaine develops certain symptoms leading to the mental depression, irritated feeling and longing for the drug illegally. Severe effects of cocaine include diminished food ingestion, amplified activity and reduced fatigue.

The studies have investigated that the safe margin for the cocaine dosage clinically is 200mg or 2-3mg/kg. Yet 200mg of dosage causes unfavorable effects on fast absorption. Cocaine can be detected from the mucosa obtained from the nasal cavity from the three hours of use. The levels of serum and urine increase after six hours of application. The status of cocaine can be checked by the cocaine urine test or cocaine swab test.

Cocaine drug testing kits that are meant for cocaine drug tests are mostly test for cocaine in urine from multiple dot 10 panel drug test or dot 12 panel drug test. This is because those of them who snort cocaine do not stop just there, because they are likely to test for a bunch of other drugs too.

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