Cocaine Drug Test Kit

Cocaine is the one of the common drugs of abuse. It does not produce psychological dependence and tolerance. They in fact produce reverse tolerance where behavioral effects are seen even at low concentrations. The only indication for using cocaine is for ocular anesthesia which is not warranted. It induces a sense of well being, delays fatigue and increases the power of endurance. Cocaine drug testing can be done at home using the cocaine drug test kit. These test kits save a lot of time and money. All you have to do is to buy the test kit and follow the instructions given.

Cocaine drug test kits serve a variety of purposes. Suppose you doubt your adolescent kid that he/she is using cocaine, then you can order for this kit and do it instantly at home. Moreover you would get non invasive and instantaneous results within minutes. You have to get the urine sample of your kid in the sterile specimen collection cup. Then dip the test strip into it n wait fro 5 minutes for the lines to appear. Appear of both control and test lines indicate negative and only control line indicates positive result.

A similar type of cocaine drug testing kit can be used in work places for keeping your work place free from drug abuse. You can do a cocaine drug screening for all your employees on a single day. You can even test the presence of adulterants and have the accuracy of the tests up to 99%. But the cut off concentration must be at least 300 ng/ ml for the drug to be detected.

Cocaine drug testing kits were primarily designed for parents to know the status of their kids’ drug abuse. But today even cocaine drug abusers use it for themselves. Many of them are men who have applied for high risk and sensitive jobs that have to undergo a mandatory drug screening. They just confirm that they are free of cocaine from their body. This would give them the confidence to face the interview.

And if the cocaine drug tests show positive results then you can go for confirmatory tests and finally for detoxification programs. This would help you to have a clear drug history and would not spoil your name in your work places. But you got to understand that such detoxification adulterants can also be detected in these drug testing techniques.

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