Clinical Drug Test For Marijuana – 12 Drug Panel Screen

Marijuana is one of the widely used drugs by both men and women. The use of marijuana reduces the social interaction and seems to be isolated. Varieties of marijuana are available in street names such as chronic and Texas tea. The increase addiction of marijuana enhances the frequency and quantity of addiction. Abusers develop acceptance of the drug and are incapable to have power over the addiction. Now the mind focuses only on the addiction of marijuana and gets separated from the friends, family and society.

On the addiction of marijuana behavior of the person gradually changes from positive to negative. Language of the marijuana addicted person differs from that of the normal addicted person. The different slangs of marijuana addicted people are boom, reefer, ganja and skunk.

The most common symptom of the marijuana addiction is the extreme sleeping, blood shot eyes, unreasonable behavior, increased appetite, dry mouth, elevated heart beat and they start to search for drug kit such as pipes, paper roll and small seeds. Certain people use household things to smoke the drug.

Marijuana is a life threatening drug. It is better to withdraw the drug at early stage itself before facing the serious effects. Very sobbing report is that children are highly attracted to marijuana. If those children are unnoticed they likely develop mortal. Depression and severe anxiety are physic symptoms. People should seek immediate treatment when experience serious symptoms. Withdrawal of drugs shows certain complication regarding marijuana. Marijuana drug test are available to test the level of dug in the blood.

Clinical drug test for marijuana is mostly preceded by card clia test that is non-waived. clia test when positive requires a higher level of testing, specifically to quantify the exact substance of abuse. Advanced level of testing is very important to serve for court appeals for several needs like workers compensation and in custody care and other forms of trials. 10 panel urine drug test, 12 drug panel screen and sorts are actually meant to narrow down for the probable drug abused.

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