Celebrity Drug Interventions Fails- Drug Test Procedure

The reason behind why celebrity drug interventions fail is very simple the whole world interferes. The media is constantly following up on the progress of addiction, the internet forums and social networks are full of opinions and celebrities, simply not left in peace to recover. They dare to give up on the social status they have built up until date and eventually, the treatment fails.

Celebrity life styles are full of temptations and they live in a need to show off. Indeed substance abuse does not go off. Celebrities who are super fast in making money need not really be super fast in giving up drugs. Their vulnerabilities are more.

However, once they fail a drug testing, savvy celebrities the responsibility to take charge of their actions. They try hand and their win-ego after a bit of help aids them to push faster as they do in their regular life. If they just cope with one or two relapse, they can strongly counsel back.

Whether it is a celebrity or a common person, the right treatment regimen and the right testing methods can make all the difference. Wish those in drug addiction and rehabilitation the wellness. Stop commenting on their disability and they are human. Do not over analyze their vulnerability.

Anyone with vulnerability is likely to fall trap to addiction. However, it is not easy to stop flash news and tweets about a celebrity failing the drug test for the umpteenth time. People are used to gossiping about celebrity life and anything about them is for their entertainment – personal life too. They are vulnerable and the recovery pattern for celebrities can be either too good or too bad. They simply cannot be midway, because of their high rate of vulnerability. Wish them all good. Take examples from those celebrities who successfully recover than from those who fail

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