Celebrity drug addiction

Drug addiction is one of the sins committed by most of the people in the society. Drug addiction ranges from adult to old people, low class to ethnic people. Drugs are either consumed illegally or prescribed medications. Day by day the number of drug addicted people increase there by increasing the chances for death rate.

Drug addiction is also more common among celebrities right from the person who are at very high and responsible position to cine actors, pop singers, etc. if we account for number celebrities in drug addiction list it crosses above hundreds and thousands.

Every one will have a query what will be reason for celebrities to become addicted to drug. Such persons are easily attracted by the drugs. They tend to use it to relieve from the stress and other tough situations. Once they have started to abuse it becomes habitual after experiencing the euphoric state. It is quite hard for them to recover from drug addiction. Drug testing is common in celebrities too. Types of drug testing conducted for the celebrities are random drug testing, blood drug testing, and drug abuse test. These are the test taken by the celebrities to check their drug addiction status and in the case of recovery program.

People enter the cine field as a normal person. After facing different roles and completing their career they become popular in the society. As they face many difficulties to achieve a good name and fame they find the alternative to be free from stress is drug abuse. But this drug addiction when comes to media they are discriminated by the society where they lose their fame and name. This may also encourage the other people to become addicted to drug. Celebrities are also taken to rehab program where they are given proper counseling.

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