Client-Centered Approach- Drug Information Passing Test

The Client-Centered approach in de-addiction programs works great. The victim takes up the responsibility for the cure. The victim through recovery, led to healing, gets enough space to take control and successfully complete the rehabilitation. Continue reading

Passing a Breathalyzer Drug Dependence and More

Once started with just marijuana and now use any drug available. There are many in to such a disposition that get in to trouble with law for many variety of things for anything ranging from possessing drugs, dealing with drugs, and many more. Continue reading

Urine Drug Tests – Why Check For Multiple Drugs In Urine

Results provided by urine drug tests are getting to be more complex. This is because people who abuse drugs are not just on one type of drug these days. They snort drug cocktails. They tend to dose on more than one kind of drug at a time. Testing for multiple drugs in urine is becoming very important. Continue reading

Consequences of over dose drugs – Urinalysis drug test

The common victim for over dose drug abuse is children. To save children from accidental drug overdose threat, all drugs must be piled up in containers with child resistant lids. All drugs must be out of children’s view and contact if possible drugs can be in a locked cupboard. Prescribed medications must be used according to instructions and alone by the one whose name is on the prescription label. Intimidation of suicide must to be taken sincerely and must seek right help hunted for people with misery or additional mental complaints which may show the way to commit suicide. Continue reading

Home pregnancy test kit – best way to detect pregnancy

The home pregnancy test is one of the ways to detect pregnancy. It is usually the primary test performed when you expect that you are pregnant. Home pregnancy test kits are available in different packs. All type of home pregnancy test kits work on the same principle of detecting the amount of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). HCG is secreted as soon as an egg is fertilized. The level of HCG rises subsequent to conception and can be identified in the urine sample. After 10 days of conception, HCG levels are about 25 m IU. Continue reading

Effects Of Drugs In The Work Place

Drug abuse is a very serious issue. A survey shows that about 70% of the drug users are in full employment. Substance abuse in a workplace can bring severe effects. It can cause performance impairment. It is because of this only most of the employers have included drug test as a vital part of their HR practices. The substance abuse not only put the drug users into trouble, but also their families, co-workers, and general public. Drug and alcohol test can reveal the degree of addiction.

The use of illicit drugs reacts with the individual’s central nervous system and results in impaired judgment. It also reduces the concentration ability of a person and in turn reduces their performance level at work. There is reportedly higher percentage of errors in the workplace due to substance abuse and in turn increases the workplace accidents and injuries to the coworkers. Several of them have a drug and alcohol test permit to organize regular tests.

This also affects the drug and alcohol testing company in way of decreased production and increased absenteeism; however positive drug and alcohol testing employees can be subject to warnings and treatments.

A recent study on the Applied Psychology reveals that there is approximately 60% increase in absenteeism and about 47% increase in the termination of employment due to usage of drugs. Another survey from drug employee in place test victorville

reveals that the rate of accidents and mortality is 4 times higher among the drug users than the non-users of drug.

As a means to assist their employees and to tackle the less productivity issues, companies now-a-days have setup their own drug rehab programs. They help the employees by doing counseling and monitor their response to the treatment using drug test methodologies. This has proved to be very effective in bringing down the ill effects of drugs at workplace.

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Drug Tests

A drug test is a procedure of taking a biological substance from an individual and further deciding if this individual has consumed drugs by exploring the sample based on their reactivity with various reagents and chemicals. The difficulty of drug testing deals with the public interest in a number of ways.

There are several disputes on whether it’s right to meddle in such a personal matter; however, it becomes essential to maintain a healthy work force by testing them for probably abuse. This is because abuse will lead to decrease in productivity.

There’re two common types of drug tests. As for the first type, a large number of people are notified about it well in advance. The time of the test is pre-declared, it contains of taking some biological substance and providing it to the employer, enforcement officer, and doctor or laboratory aide.

Generally, they get urine, blood, saliva or hair as a substance. While the sample is taken, the laboratory gets it and has the sample pass through a number of procedures. These tests are exact and they can give the readings in accurate calibrations.

They provide with the details of the method of tests applied for various demographic groups; but there is likely to be a bit of impatience in this regard, probably due to the waiting time where the results are provided in some cases after 3 or 4 days. The second type of test is the on-site screen testing. They are made with a particular reasonably priced drug test kit and the results are taken in just a few minutes.

It is far simple to have these tests done with saliva or oral drug tests for instance probably due to the on-site screens. This can be confirmed with appropriate numbers by extra laboratory examination and they are in many cases acceptable even for legal suits.

There are not really any kinds of ideal drug testing technique. Every method has some benefits and drawbacks. What tends to project a drug testing method as best or not so best is pretty much associated with the requirements of the person and the kind of drugs they are looking to test for.

Example: Urine drug testing

Pros: Urine drug tests stand on an established technology and they hold a wide scientific foundation. The results are perfect and trustworthy. The cost of urine drug testing kits is lesser than other kinds of drug test kits. Results are nearly immediate and there is no requirement for a lab or technician to carry out the drug tests. These drug tests kits are simple to store and in many cases they tend to contain a long shelf life.

Cons: According to the person and the substance consumed, they can be detected for up to 30 days post consumption or in cases of chronic consumption for up to 90 days. Urine drug test kit tests in some cases are liable to contamination if the sample cup is not of the split cup variety. Well, this is not true in all cases, but they are in just a few cases.

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Testing for Coccaine

Cocaine is a powerful and very commonly used addictive refreshment drug . It ia a lot similar to alcohol.  When cocaine is consumed in smaller quantities, it tends to user feel a sense of calm and serene conditions since it tends to relax the muscles. When the dosage is above the recommended therapeutic levels, it can cause slurring of speech, stumbled walk and a distorted sight.

Very large dosages can lead to decreased respirations, coma or even death. When cocaine is combined with alcohol and other depressants it can enhance the consequences of both of these drugs which indeed prove to be a very risky situation.

Cocaine gets ingested into the body by snorting, smoking, injecting or by oral use with similar consequences. Refined cocaine is a white crystalline powder, which is mainly combined with other substances like corn starch, powdered milk, sugars or flour.

A Cocaine drug test is the process or the method employed to identify the existence of cocaine in the body. The Cocaine (Coc) Test Card identifies cocaine and related cocaine metabolites in the biological pathway.  This is achieved by examining different samples of the human body like the urine, hair, saliva and even sweat.

Cocaine urine test: Urine testing is generally chosen as a part of multi panel test while evaluating other kinds of drugs also.  It is also possible to test just for cocaine in the human body. This is mainly due to the following aspects:

  • These immunoassays are considered to the low-cost methods for a quick yes or no answer.
  • These are intrusive processes of testing.
  • This test can be quickly performed at home without any kind of technical know how of any kind.

Cocaine (COC) Dip strip Drug Urine Test: This test is an extremely effortless test for discovering cocaine or related metabolites of the substance in the human body by testing the urine sample, perhaps by working out on the concentration of the by-products of cocaine metabolism.

The qualitative discovery of cocaine is made with benzoyelecgonine as the metabolites in the urine sample and their cutoff for the test is 300 ng/ml.

Process for the test:

  • Take out the test strip from the foiled pocket.
  • Holding the strip perpendicularly, cautiously dip it into the sample. Do not dip the strip past the highest line
  • Interpret test results per guidelines given there in.

The results of the test can be understood by the colored bands that are noticeable after the test. If two color bands are seen then the result is negative where as if just one band is noticeable then the tests are providing a positive result.

Cotinine is a metabolic of nicotine, applied to calculate the rating of tobacco smoking.

From the data provided by the Survey on Drug Use in 2007, a 68 million people abuse tobacco, and over 3.5 million teens abuse tobacco among 12-17 years. The smoke level with the chemicals in the body is identifiable with aid of Cotinine test. Cotinine levels explain the level of smoke hazard in the body.

Cotinine influence tends to be around in the body for 20 hours from the time of use. Cotinine levels can be discovered using different techniques such as gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). Cotinine can be identified from days to one week after the last tobacco abuse. Chronic use shows up long term presence.

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Testing For Cocaine

The cocaine ingested in the blood stream can quickly be identified via cocaine drug tests via the saliva, blood, urine, hair follicles or sweat samples from identifying their metabolites, which are employed as testing samples in these tests.

You can continue with your testing for cocaine right from the comfort of your home. The most regular test that is applicable for the urine test is the COC dip strip test a kind of urine test applied for revealing the presence of cocaine or cocaine related metabolites.

Drug testing can be one of the most influencing risk administration strategies chosen in pre-employment screening to keep away from trouble in the future by hiring addictive personalities who can be very poor in productivity or inconsistent in productivity.

Drug testing has turned out to be a common phenomenon in office and schools, interestingly parents approve their adolescents being drug tested, within the last twenty years or so.  The support for drug testing is increasing due to the related importance of identifying early abuse.

Cocaine drug tests are frequently carried out as a part of multi-panel tests or as individual tests to discover the basic causes of road accidents and as pre-employment medical tests for forthcoming employees and in some cases to identify relapse.

All cocaine drug test kits are 99% victorious. One more drug testing method these days is via hair testing which is really not suggested because a lot of laboratories are essentially finding some trouble with regards to the consistency of the results particularly, as most frequently than not, drug testing via the hair generally poses positive results for the patient.

The main types of cocaine drug tests can be grouped into:

  • Blood Test: It frequently is rated to be costly for a yes or no deal. Blood samples are used to confirm them on deeper levels and probable duration of abuse.  The examinee is place below a particular plan and is required to maintain a planned 4-5 day diet program.
  • Saliva Drug Test: It’s very fast and simple. Saliva sample is gathered applying a scrub and sent to testing. Results are nearly immediate and drug consumption within the last few days can effortlessly be identified.
  • Hair Drug Test: These tests are extremely consistent and drug consumption within a long time period can effortlessly be identified employing the hair follicle samples from the examinees.
  • Urine Drug Test: Urine tests are low-cost and reasonable. They can be made at the consoles of your residence.
  • COC Dip Strip Test: This is one more form of urine test. Urine sample is taken and tested for the identification of the benzoyelecgonine metabolites. The steps involved in the cocaine drug tests are:

1. Pull out the test strip from the kit.

2. Put in the strip perpendicularly into the urine sample gathered.

3. Make sure that it’s not dipped into the sample further than the threshold point marked on it.

4. On dipping, if two bands are evident, then the test results are taken to be negative while the showing up of single band exposes a positive result for the showing up of cocaine. Results in this testing method are pretty immediate.

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Business Ethics and Drug Testing

When it comes to drug mandatory testing there are some business ethics and drug testing that should be followed.  The basic controversial form of drug testing is a reasonable suspicion that forms a cause for testing.  When the performance level of an employee is decreasing because of some kind of drug abuse then the consumption of illegal drugs or excessive consumption of drugs should be definitely tested for it. The reasonableness might not be determinable easily, the employee might feel that the employer’s reasonability is an exploitation of this privacy; however, since in most of the cases even a minimum reasonability is related to the safety of the employee it has to be done.

The issue of the type of drug testing is also more complex.  Some people might not be agreeable to the concept of random testing because it interferes to a major extent with the ability of the individual to manage his or her drug intake without getting caught in a drug testing process.  Certo drug testing is a reference made to detecting possible dilution of the sample with adulterants like certo.  This is detected by making use of integrity drug testing methods, where any kind of adulteration methods like using bleach, drinking water, providing with artificial urine, using certo and all such can be determined and trapped out.

Most employers realize that using many kinds of testing programs for complicating employees works out best.  For instance, all employees or job applicants may be routinely tested for drug use as a major condition of the employment or job offer.  Getting a consent letter is very important for any kind of drug testing and by signing up, the individual agrees to accept the terms and conditions of a particular test, which includes the release of the results to the appropriate company and personnel; however, these completed consent forms are not defense to the later legal variations; however, they do provide with some kind of protection for the employer.

If any one is refusing to sign the consent forms it means that they are refusing to take the test. In cases where this should occur, what kind of recourse would any employer have? However, if the test is required as a part of the random testing and if there is no evidence of that the employer has revealed a consequence of non-acceptance of the test then the employee might be justified in refusing to submit.

Call toll free 1-877-281-9756 or international toll free: 1-864-631-7371 or write to to know more about integrity business drug testing methods for substances.

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