Nutritional therapies for drug addiction – 5 panel drug test

A conventional treatment for drug addiction includes medication, behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, counseling and so on. Pharmaceutical therapy is preferred to relive craving for drugs in abusers. Self help group are also implemented in order to motivate people to avoid drug addiction. Continue reading

What is synthetic urine?

Synthetic urine is the especially intended to replace the urine sample during drug testing process. Drug addicted person who are prepared to beat the drug test use synthetic urine to replace their substance containing sample. A long time ago synthetic urine was the best way to cheat the drug test. It was really working well till the labs suspected and started to detect the adulteration of sample. Now day’s adulteration of the urine sample is easily detected by using kits. Yet many drug abusers use synthetic urine for drug testing. Continue reading

Beat A Urine Drug Test – Sample Integrity Test

Medications are not at risk until they are used legally. Sometimes the prescribed medications are misused so that the patient becomes addicted to that drug developing a high risk to the health. Particularly women become addicted to the prescribed medication more quickly. The mostly misused prescribed medications are Opoids, central nervous system depressants and stimulants. These types of medications are prescribed for the pain relief, anxiety and for obesity and sleeping disorder respectively. However in USA the addiction to prescribed drug is uncommon. Continue reading

Random Drug Testing For Drugs – Healthy Workforce

Drug testing is in various formats. One of the most effective ways to test for drugs is to do a random drug testing for drugs. It is used in a number of ways. It can be used by schools to screen their students, in corporations, in defence, in prisons, borstals, fire departments, government institutions, law enforcement agencies etc. Another important use of this drug testing is done on teens by their parents especially when they doubt that their teens are addicted to any of the drugs of abuse.

Random drug testing is the testing of drugs in any group or groups without any prior planning. It tests for the presence of a number of drugs in the body. The person who has to be tested is drawn using a random assigning of numbers.

Random drug testing is one of the most attractive ways to combat illicit drug abuse among teens. This makes it more popular among parents and teachers especially of the teens who are put up in boarding schools. It is reported in the British journal of general practice that around three-fourths of the schools in UK have some sort of drug and alcohol abuse.

Another important use of random drug testing is the testing of the employees drawing random numbers. Though few experts say that it is a breach in the privacy of any individual yet random drug testing has been very effective in controlling the abuse of drugs and has helped in maintaining a healthy workforce.

Random drug testing is mainly done with standard urine drug test kit or Oratect oral screening products. Marijuana oratect swab test is reported to show up top positives. Specimen validity testing is also important in random testing, because there are donors who tend to donate artificial sample even during random testing process.

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Instant Home Drug Test

Drug testing can serve a lot of purposes. You can use the same drug testing kits for a range of needs with minor changes but the underlying concept remaining the same. Now drug testing is not a very new concept. It has only undergone a lot of changes in the ways that was done before.

Earlier drug testing was done only in the registered laboratories. You had to go to the nearest drug testing laboratory and wait in queues for giving the sample. Then you have to come back again for the collection of the results. If this is for a person alone, then it can be managed. Think about the work places having members up to 1000. And also if you want to go for a drug test tomorrow and you want to do a preliminary test before, this instant home drug test would help you.

In a huge work force, you would have to spend a lot of money not only on drug testing but also in the transportation for all the workers. But with the on site drug screening, you can simplify all the process and get the tests done at the comfort of the office or construction site, etc. Though this is only a qualitative analysis, you can rely on it for the preliminary testing of drugs in the body of the individual. Once you find him positive for any drugs of abuse, then you have to send him for confirmatory testing to the laboratory.

The on site drug testing can be performed within minutes using a range of drug testing kits. If you are looking for any particular drug then you can use the urine or saliva samples and test using the dip stick methods. If you want to test for a number of drugs, then you have to use a multi drug testing panel.

The best method to do this is to use integrated test cups. This would rule out the need for the handling of the samples too. You can do an online drug test using the data available and using the data base of drug screening companies.

The samples that are tested for onsite drug testing are saliva and urine. This is because both these samples can be tested with out any pre treatment or any sort of modification. You can get the results within minutes with accuracy up to 99%.

Call toll free 1-877-281-9756 or international toll free: 1-864-631-7371 or write to to know more about instant home drug test.

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Detox Passing a Drug Test

For all the people who aspire for their dream jobs have more issue to handle than just having their required educational qualifications and experience. You have to undergo a procedure called pre employment drug testing. This would make the entire system of job seeking difficult. Employers feel that recruiting people addicted to drugs and alcohol would cost a lot to the company leading to decreased productivity. This drug testing would become a problem if you are not an addict or alcoholic still your body tests positive for these. You can use a detox passing a drug test to handle this situation.

Say for instance that you are not an alcoholic. And you go for a party of your best friends where you are being asked to take a peg of whisky. Surely you can not refuse owing to peer pressure. Then you gulp down more than you wanted. Unfortunately you have a pre employment drug testing a day after. Now surely this alcohol would show up on testing making your path to get the job crooked. You need not worry about this anymore! You can use detox to pass drug screen.

Drug test detox products help you to pass any sort of drug test. These products are simple masking agents or diuretics which help in the fast excretion of the drug and its metabolites from the body. Every drug has it own clearance from your body. Taking these detox products would fasten the metabolism of the drugs and these can be rushed out from the body in the urine. There are a variety of products namely detox drinks, pills, synthetic urine, urine additives, whole body cleansing programs, detox kits, cleansing shampoos, etc.

Of all the drug testing methods, hair follicle drug testing is quite dangerous for the fact that it would detect drug use even for a period of 3 months after the cessation of the drug intake. Here drug test detox drink won’t work. You have to use the cleansing shampoos which would help you to clear off the drug of your hair follicles.

But now the employers have technology to detect these adulterants using the drug testing detox product. Some of the integrated testing cups have the inbuilt test for adulterants making the job easier for them. So the best way to battle this drug testing with confidence and victory is to avoid taking drugs.

Call toll free 1-877-281-9756 or international toll free: 1-864-631-7371 or write to to know more about drug test detection times.

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