Programs offered in Drug rehab centers

Drug rehab centers put forward the treatments for men and women as well as their families who are suffering from the overwhelming consequences of substance craving and addiction. It’s your choice to seek recovery for yourself or somebody you concern. Rehab treatment is one of the most daring and life-altering measures that you’ll ever take. Decide your drug rehab treatment carefully, as this treatment will be the basis for your recovery from addiction. Continue reading

Urinalysis a wide spread drug testing

Different types of drug testing are included in drug testing centers. This includes urinanalysis testing, sweat testing, oral testing, hair testing and blood testing. Among these tests urine drug test is widely proffered because of the easy detection. Though sample collection have created some issues it is still been tested. As the drugs are eliminated through the urine it is more reliable to detect it with urine sample. Continue reading

Nutritional therapies for drug addiction – 5 panel drug test

A conventional treatment for drug addiction includes medication, behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, counseling and so on. Pharmaceutical therapy is preferred to relive craving for drugs in abusers. Self help group are also implemented in order to motivate people to avoid drug addiction. Continue reading

Types of drugs addicted by students – drug teen test

Drug abuse in teenagers has hit the recent shocking news. Students are getting addicted to illicit and banned drugs. As per the statistic study the types of illicit drugs abused by students are

· Barbiturates

· Amphetamines

· Cocaine

· Methadone

· Marijuana

· Opiates

· Benzodiazepines Continue reading

Celebrity drug addiction

Drug addiction is one of the sins committed by most of the people in the society. Drug addiction ranges from adult to old people, low class to ethnic people. Drugs are either consumed illegally or prescribed medications. Day by day the number of drug addicted people increase there by increasing the chances for death rate. Continue reading

Drug Tests For Cocaine – Marijuana Oralert Swab Test

In late 1960 marijuana and caffeine are called as psychotropic drugs. Psychotropic drugs acts on the central nervous system and alter the behavior. Hence it is also referred to psychoactive drugs. Increase in the Level of serotonin due to the consumption of the antidepressants. Psychotropic drugs generate more than one effect and are classified in to four groups. They are stimulant, depressants, antipsychotics and hallucinogens. As the drugs are multifaceted single drug for instance marijuana possess depressant, stimulant and hallucinogen. These drugs are used as recreation drugs which change the behavior, mood and awareness. Continue reading

Drug Addiction – Nutritional Defects And Mental Illness

Drug addiction is the process of hijacking the function of central nervous system by the drug. As the total control of the body is maintained by the brain, any defect in the brain leads to abnormal condition and finally results in death. The death related with use of one or more drug is called as acute drug death or overdose or poisoning. The majority of premature death is from the age 20- 44. The most victims are men than women at the mean age of 30. Continue reading

Nicotine Drug Tests Are Meant To Check For Tobacco Abuse Of Any Kind

Of all the forms of addiction, the worst is smoking. It affects people both on the active and passive smoking and is the major etiological agent for a large number of cancers and also has an unbreakable relationship with the lung pathologies. Continue reading

Testing Using A Test Panel Meant For Drug Testing Codeine

Codeine is natural opium obtained from poppy seeds. It is mainly used therapeutically in cough medications by virtue of its property of depressing all centers except oculomotor, vomiting and sweating. It is a peripherally acting analgesic. It stimulates the propulsive activity of the intestine. One important indication for abuse for codeine is that it acts synergistically with alcohol and barbiturates. Continue reading

DOT Testing To Be In Accordance With SAMHSA

One of the widely affected groups due to addiction and drug abuse are the people involved in transportation industry. Studies point out that drugs and alcohol has been responsible for a huge chunk of accidents directly and indirectly. It also remains to be a major contributor for the morbidity and mortality in the transportation sector. It is for this reason that drug testing is very important for the employees of the department of transportation.

SAMHSA DOT tests for 5 drugs that are commonly abused. The sample that is tested is urine. The screening is done with cocaine drug test kit, amphetamines/methamphetamine drug test kit, marijuana drug test kit, phencyclidine drug test kit and opiates drug test kit. The urine is collected and tested in standard laboratories. There is a difference in other forms of drug testing and the SAMHSA DOT tests. In SAMHSA DOT tests, there is a special form called the chain of custody form that records the data about the people who have handled the samples and also where and all the samples have passed through.

The department of transportation has all the tests and proceeds done in accordance with SAMHSA DOT. And it is important for every test for the DOT testing to be in accordance with SAMHSA.

The results that are obtained from SAMHSA DOT tests are reviewed by MRO or a medical review officer who is qualified and licensed to interpret the results and give his opinion. The results are obtained within 2 days. The guidelines for this drug testing are given by the SAMHSA.

One of the main reasons why urine is chosen as a sample for SAMHSA DOT tests is that the method of collection of urine is non invasive. Moreover drug can be detected in urine long after the drug has left the blood.

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