Quality Of Life Style Gets Better With Job – Drug Test For Sports

If you are someone who has the habit of going to a store and buying a lot of stuff without control, if you are someone who takes more jobs than what you can do, if you commit to doing more than what you can afford, then understand what losing control means. Continue reading

Passing a Breathalyzer Drug Dependence and More

Once started with just marijuana and now use any drug available. There are many in to such a disposition that get in to trouble with law for many variety of things for anything ranging from possessing drugs, dealing with drugs, and many more. Continue reading

Mandatory drug testing for athletes

Drug testing for athlete have become mandatory in recent years. Either random drug testing or intimated drug testing will be carried out in the drug testing lab or onsite. If it is in drug testing lab, the selected candidate for the drug test should appear with in the stipulated time. The testing station is thought to be a confidential, secure place where lots of drinks are obtainable. Repeatedly it is grouped in a particularly designed portable testing unit. Self-governing sampling officers, whom are qualified and selected by the own governing body; perform the collection of urine samples. Every officer takes a time restricted identity card and a correspondence of authority for the occasion to which they are allocated. Continue reading

Addiction a contagious disease

Addiction is a kind of contagious disease that affects everyone those who are surrounding the user. A single user is destroying everyone near by. Which ever kind of addiction may be it will obviously spoil the one near by. Addiction creates unhealthy and unstable surroundings at home and society. Continue reading

Goals of drug testing in schools

Drug testing is the unique way for schools who challenges to lessen drug use among students. Administrators believe that testing means to make out and assist students who are by means of drugs. They as well expect to put off other students from abusing drugs. An additional goal of drug testing in schools is to get ready students for workplace drug testing, the mock-up for school testing. Continue reading

Drug education in schools

Drug education is very essential regarding eradication of the substance from the environment. Drug education is one of the important steps implemented to clear the drugs. How a drug education can be delivered to students? What a school can do for the eradication of the drugs? These are the points highlighted in this article. Those who are eagerly looking for the key for the above questions have come to the right place to know it. Continue reading

Why drug abuse occurs – drug test students

Every one might wonder why drug abuse occurs among teens and other people in the society. As per the studies conducted, peer pressure is one of the main causes for drug abuse. Continue reading

Random drug testing in athletes

Drugs are being addicted from workplace to school, from sports expert to the military people. The beginning of drug-testing measures has stimulated dispute and argument. The subjects of drug testing in athletics look to be the most widespread deliberate. An event that actually brought drug testing into the highlight is the track and field event. Continue reading

Importance of student athlete drug test – athlete drug test

Since 1965 Drug testing athletes was performed. As like drug testing athletes in Olympic game, drug testing athlete in schools also followed. Random drug testing in school athlete is widely saluted by most of the schools. Continue reading

Chemical imbalance in the brain – Student addiction

Drug addiction by students is one of the major crises in the society. Every parent frighten about the drug addiction and teen drug testing. Present day children are more curious in discovering new things they face in their life. They develop curiosity to know what is drug and what will be the out come of drug use? Even the most concern parent could drug test your teens. Drug testing in school and drug testing on students will help in creating awareness.

Student addiction can be easily identified from their changed behavior, lack of attention in studies and class, lowering of marks/grades in assessments. The changed behavior of the students is due to chemical imbalance in the brain.

Various studies reports that drug mainly acts on the neurotransmitters in the brain causing chemical imbalance. Every individual possess more than 300 neurotransmitter chemicals in the brain which includes dopamine, acetylcholine, norephinephrine, endorphin and serotonin. The main function of neurotransmitters is to provide electric impulse to all parts of the body.

A drug interferes in the normal chemical process taking place in the brain. Chemicals are masked by the drug and lead to chemical imbalance. Chemical imbalance will obviously results in change in behavior, lack of cognition, attention and personality. It also leads to depression, isolation and become anxious. Simply speaking chemical imbalance affects the total physic and mental action in an individual.

Teen drug test should be performed in order to prevent the drug addiction. Parents have to take sole responsibility to prevent their teens from drug addiction. Here is the question to parents. Do you communicate with your teens? If not you are supposed to do so. Proper communication and relationship will prevent your teen moving in wrong path. Though it is a difficult task for parents but it seems to be essential.

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