How drug use turns into habit

In the late 1960s, the crises of drug abuse have started to multiply from the city slums to the universal population. The extreme and random use of drugs is particularly out of control in the midst of teenagers and little adults. The issues that add to the rising problem of drug abuse are quite tricky to reform. A number of the issues, conversely, are easily unspoken. These comprise peer pressure, simple attain ability of several drugs, inquisitiveness, and the type of association teenagers enclose with their parents. Continue reading

The alarming abuse rate of Ecstasy

Drugs are addicted in an increased rate. Drug addiction has become an alarming rate crossing over millions of people per year. Drug addiction has reached a peak compared to previous years. Drug abuse is the initial stage for drug addiction. Drug abuse and drug addiction are different. Drug abuse means that use drug at very rarely. Drug abuse makes the people to become habitual which is termed as drug addiction. Drug abuse can be ceased if the person controls their feeling but drug addiction recovery requires time to recover. Drug addiction spoils the character of the user. The way he/she behaves in the society will differ from the previous days. Loss of personal ability, cognition, and self control are the consequences of drug addiction. Continue reading