Beat A Urine Drug Test – Sample Integrity Test

Medications are not at risk until they are used legally. Sometimes the prescribed medications are misused so that the patient becomes addicted to that drug developing a high risk to the health. Particularly women become addicted to the prescribed medication more quickly. The mostly misused prescribed medications are Opoids, central nervous system depressants and stimulants. These types of medications are prescribed for the pain relief, anxiety and for obesity and sleeping disorder respectively. However in USA the addiction to prescribed drug is uncommon.

The studies conducted by the National institute of Drug abuse have stated that the women of age 12 – 17 are quickly addicted to the non medical use. They are addicted to the painkiller and sedative of narcotic group. Prescribed addictive is to relieve tension and anxiety.

Prescribed medication during pregnancy sometimes motivates women to become addict. The habitual use of such medication causes high risk to both mother and fetus. The serious health problems faced by the fetus are the infant death syndrome, reduced size of head, under developed growth, activity problems, poor skills, prematurity, AIDS infection, etc.

Drug addicted women requires treatment to relieve from the use of drug. Some women fear to approach the treatment because they might separate her child or punish her for the illegal approach of drug. Anyhow women must undergo drug addiction treatment without fear. Women to get relieved from the drug abuse depend on the family and friends support and their care. Women with her child at treatment will be an effective one to get relieved.

Several of them also try out methods to beat a urine drug test by cheating on a urine test. Fake urine for drug test can be identified by Specimen validity testing. With drug test becoming increasingly common the need for sample integrity test for the sample donated is indispensable.

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