Amphetamines Are Psychotropic Drugs – Piss Testing For Amphetamine

Amphetamines are psychotropic drugs that act on the synapses by increasing the concentration of dopamine and nor epinephrine neurotransmitters. They have a positive stimulant action on the nervous and the cardiovascular system. It can be consumed in a number of ways namely smoking, sniffing or ingestion. The mode of ingestion determines the time of appearance of the drug in the body fluids.

Long term usage of amphetamines leads to tolerance and psychological dependence. The fatal dose varies from 150 mg to 2 g depending on the susceptibility of the individual. In lower doses, it delays the onset of fatigue but there is profound loss of judgment and accuracy.

Over doses causes poisoning. In acute cases, it is manifested as restlessness, talkativeness, insomnia, tremors, sweating and dilated pupils. In moderate amounts of poisoning hyperactivity, confusion, delirium, vomiting, sweating and hallucinations are seen.

40% of amphetamines are excreted unchanged in urine whereas the rest are metabolized in the liver before excretion. The term liquid gold is slang for urine for amphetamine addicts which is collected and sold.

The dangers of misuse of amphetamines includes over activity or aggressive behavior. Paranoid psychosis, shock and collapse and risk of committing suicide in the withdrawal phase are some of the other potential dangers.

It is advisable for the employers to include this drug in their company’s drug testing policy to have a healthier workforce and have a drug free work place. This would help to cut costs in the company which would otherwise lead to expenditure in the name of medical insurance. Also, it is important to have a productive work force. Ideally, a random drug testing plan is pretty mandatory for the process.

Piss testing for amphetamine, piss test for amphetamine, amphetamine test for piss are the common slang terms for urine drug testing amphetamine. Saliva drug testing is also available for amphetamines.

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