Alcohol and drug abuse in college campus – teen drug and alcohol abuse

College students are trapped by both drugs and alcohol which makes them to be excited and with enriched feelings. Parents are worried about their child addicted to alcohol and drug. Alcohol and drugs should be eliminated from the college campus.

Alcohol and drug addiction in college campus is still a tragedy. In past few years deaths have occurred due to alcohol intoxification and overdose in the college campus. It has raised a big issue in the colleges. As a result most of the colleges aimed to test for drug and alcohol addiction in the campus which was supported by the various drug testing programs.

Alcohol and drug addiction will lead to accidents, injuries, and crime in campus which is a key factor for students come across the problems. Still there are students who avoid the insecure use of alcohol and other drugs. At the same time they are possibly to experience the effects of the high-risk behaviors of peer pressure. Students who are engaged in drinking and other drug abuse are not now harming themselves and people around them. Recent research proves that college campuses carry on having a few alcohol and other drug abuse problems. Alcohol is the most creating trouble in the campus than any drugs abused.

Use of illicit drugs and alcoholism has been factors in much disaster which includes day rape offense, hospitalizations for overindulge with drugs and alcohol, and at last deaths.

It is not only those who are engaged in heavy drinking or other drug abuse that are affected. Students who do not abuse or who do not drink illegally and who drink moderately, frequently undergo secondhand effects from the deeds of other students who gulp too much.

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