Addiction a contagious disease

Addiction is a kind of contagious disease that affects everyone those who are surrounding the user. A single user is destroying everyone near by. Which ever kind of addiction may be it will obviously spoil the one near by. Addiction creates unhealthy and unstable surroundings at home and society.

Drug addiction is moving on the same path destroying everyone near to user. The nature of addiction is wide spread and indirect effects on family members and others, it has been recommended that a treatment program that treats the total family is a valuable method to come near treatment. Actually the University of Buffalo Reporter says that there is investigate to hold up the efficiency of family unit therapy as a victorious addiction treatment component.

Drug addiction that develops in an adult will be due to the compulsion of the bad companies. They get the drugs through their friends and once if they are used to drugs it is quite difficult get away from it. Most of the adults and school students are addicted to the street drugs. Though lot of drug testing programs have been implemented it is still persisting in the environment. Most of the times, students are vulnerable victims for the drugs and easily obtain drugs from streets. Often they are also addicted to prescription medicines that are easily available at home. These kinds of drugs are more hazardous to the user and must be treated when recognized by them all at once.

Now day’s drug treatment programs are working efficiently on the drug addiction to recover the adults from the hell. High school drug testing, random drug tests for students, high school drug testing in sports, drug in mandatory school testing, student drug tests are the drug tests that have been carried out in schools for testing students.

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