Accelerated Neuron Regulation – Drug And Alcohol Testing

SANR – Super Accelerated Neuron Regulation is a treatment method in which drugs like codeine, opium, heroin and smack are treated.  Ideally, these drugs are opiates.  Prescription opiate drugs, treated with super accelerated neuron regulation.

This is an extremely effective technique requiring just a few hours of treatment.  The detoxification process with this method for opiates is complete in just 4 to 5 hours.

In this method, a specific medicine us made use of to wash the brain cells and the opiates are absolutely washed away, and complete neuro-regulation is set back to pace. The rapid detoxification technique works for OxyContin, heroin, and methadone too.  The process is painless.

The medicines used to wash the brain cells clean the opiates and metabolites from the receptors.  Most patients tolerate these drugs immediately.  However, after this detoxification process, the patient is on meds for a while to prevent relapse.  The purpose of these drugs is to eliminate the craving for opiates.

If the patient continues opiate again, the patient is likely to experience body pains, restlessness and loose stools and more.  Therefore, it is likely that they do not resort to opiate.  There are some cases where patients might resort despite the threat of such side effects to relapse. In events, where the patient develops side effects, immediate medical treatment is required.

Though the detoxification process is complete in just 4 to 5 hours, the post treatment medication to prevent relapse is a bit long.  For those who cannot resort long-term detoxification and those looking for a quick detox plan, can try out the accelerated neuron regulation treatment.

The treatment does not stop with detoxification. Post-treatment counseling is important for effective rehabilitation.  Report details of chronic medical illness to avoid cross-reaction with treatment drugs. It is important to lead a drug free life to form a healthy society.

Ten panel drug screen test, addiction alcohol test, alcohol assessment test, alcohol driving drug test are part of the many drug and alcohol testing methods.

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