Withdrawal symptoms of barbiturate – barbiturate drug screening

Barbiturate is a sedative which develops physical and physiological dependence up on habitual use. Even the prescribed barbiturate when taken in over dose will develop dependency and tolerance. Once an abuser develops tolerance for barbiturate he seeks more and more amount of drug to be consumed. In the case of absence of drug he feels very irritated and confused indulging in criminal activities. One important feature in barbiturate drug is the safety line for dosage, even if a single dose crosses the safety dose it will develop tolerance. Hence it is essential to use barbiturate under proper medical care. It is potentially fatal when consumed habitually. Continue reading

Application of TCA drug testing

Presence of TCA in excess aggravates persons to commit suicide. TCA has a lot of crash on usual person than a miserable individual. TCA causes difficulty in attentiveness, thinking and unsteady walk in body and sleepiness. The Tricyclic test card assists to discover the TCA levels in the system. Continue reading

Perimenopause test

Menopause is the cessation of the menses in a woman. It occurs at the average age of 51. Normal menopause stage occurs at the age of 40’s. Perimenopause is the intermediary period between normal menstrual periods and no periods. The changeover can takes place up to ten years. During the perimenopausal evolution you may experience a combination of Perimenopause and menopausal symptoms or no symptoms. Continue reading

How to use breathalyzer – breathalyzer kit

Alcohol breathalyzer is extensively applied in the high way side to detect the level of alcohol in the drivers. Use of breathalyzer is more reliable than any other alcohol testing device. It can be even used while driving or operating heavy machines. It does not produce any harm to the user and people surrounding them. Reliable pocket personal breathalyzer and breathalyzer is also available which detects the alcohol content very rapidly. Continue reading

How does a breathalyzer work?

The Breathalyzer is one the device to sense alcohol in the suspected people. This device is widely established to check the alcohol content in drivers. Alcohol can be detected from breathe of a drunken individual. When alcohol is consumed it gets absorbed in the mouth and stays for a period in the breath and also absorbed by throat, stomach and intestines. Finally it will get dissolved in blood. Hence the content of alcohol can be detected in blood also. Continue reading

Medications for treating heroin addiction – drug abuse program

Recent studies suggest that heroin addiction have hiked in recent years. Most of the private and public health concerns are looking forward to eradicate heroin drug addiction by various ways. Heroin addiction can be abolished by drug testing centers and rehab therapies functioning for drug abusers. Continue reading

Nutritional therapies for drug addiction – 5 panel drug test

A conventional treatment for drug addiction includes medication, behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, counseling and so on. Pharmaceutical therapy is preferred to relive craving for drugs in abusers. Self help group are also implemented in order to motivate people to avoid drug addiction. Continue reading

Exercise- an alternative for quitting drug addiction – drug test home

Are you struggling to quit drug addiction? Exercise is an alternative for conventional treatment provided for quitting drug addiction. It might sound odd yet studies have proven that exercise will help to quit drug addiction. Continue reading

Types of drugs addicted by students – drug teen test

Drug abuse in teenagers has hit the recent shocking news. Students are getting addicted to illicit and banned drugs. As per the statistic study the types of illicit drugs abused by students are

· Barbiturates

· Amphetamines

· Cocaine

· Methadone

· Marijuana

· Opiates

· Benzodiazepines Continue reading

Importance of student athlete drug test – athlete drug test

Since 1965 Drug testing athletes was performed. As like drug testing athletes in Olympic game, drug testing athlete in schools also followed. Random drug testing in school athlete is widely saluted by most of the schools. Continue reading