Testing positive for tobacco – influence in insurance

Tobacco is one of the most important ingredients in the cigarette which enters the body via smoking. It also accompanied by the nicotine drug. Now day’s majority of the people are applying for the insurance regarding their health, work, properties, etc. as many people approach for health insurance, insurance companies have made a tough task that applicant should require full physic in good condition before signing for the plans. Insurance companies are also have implemented insurance company drug test for smoking. Continue reading

Different Types Of Barbituate Test

Barbiturates were the first group of drugs in the anti anxiety and hypnotic group. It has a wide range of drugs having different time periods of action. All of them act on the GABA receptor on the brain that is associated with wakefulness. It mainly produces dose dependent action starting from drowsiness, sedation, hypnosis, sleep, stupor, coma and death. On chronic dosage it produces alteration of the sleep architecture apart form the hang over symptoms. Progressively it produces deterioration in mental functions, affect cognition, increase daytime sleepiness and lack of concentration. Further over dosing will lead to depression of the central nervous system leading to death. Continue reading

Oralert Vs Urine Drug Testing For Testing Drugs

MDMA is a psychotropic drug acting on the synapses and increasing the concentrations of serotonin in the neuronal junctions. It acts by two mechanisms. Firstly it acts on the SERT and inhibits the reuptake of serotonin and secondly it causes more release of serotonin into the junctions thereby increasing the action of serotonin. Continue reading

5 Panel Drug Screen, And Single Drug Testing Strips

Drug addiction is the developing crisis all over the world. Drugs can turn out a calm, euphoria state which benefits in pain relief. The drugs such as narcotic, cocaine, marijuana, heroin and methamphetamine are used as illegally as the recreating drugs. As the abuser is subjected to the euphoria state upon repeated consumption they start longing for the drugs. The pleasure felt out of the drug consumption makes them to become more addict. Continue reading

Cocaine Drug Testing Kits – Dot 10 Panel Drug Test

Cocaine is the only present day naturally occurring anesthetic for therapeutic use. It is an alkaloid substance found in the plants of coca. Cocaine is referred to as the sparkling wine of drugs. It is a strong stimulant works in short span of time, has limited safety, as limited sedative with high competence and toxicity. Cocaine is used legally for medication which has lessened over years but illegally cocaine has achieved significant popularity. Continue reading

10 Drug Test Panel To Narrow Down To Drug Abused

People often try to explore new things which include exploration in drugs also. This showed the way to explore the use of prescribed drugs too. Prescribed drugs are easily available and to obtain is so easier than the street drugs. Continue reading

Clinical Drug Test For Marijuana – 12 Drug Panel Screen

Marijuana is one of the widely used drugs by both men and women. The use of marijuana reduces the social interaction and seems to be isolated. Varieties of marijuana are available in street names such as chronic and Texas tea. The increase addiction of marijuana enhances the frequency and quantity of addiction. Abusers develop acceptance of the drug and are incapable to have power over the addiction. Now the mind focuses only on the addiction of marijuana and gets separated from the friends, family and society. Continue reading

Teenage Prescription Drug Abuse Is Increasing At An Alarming Rate

Children are widely affected by the drug addiction. Addiction mainly spoils the education of the children. A child with the background of drug addiction is considered to be at high risk. Addiction impairs the cognitive ability and reasoning ability. Moreover drug addicted child lacks attention in the class and fail to gain the knowledge. Education is mainly deals with reasoning and cognitive ability of a child. As the drug targets the brain function and alters the chemicals responsible for the thinking and reasoning. Continue reading

Coin Operated Breathalyzer Is Available Around

Drinking is injurious to health. Drunken drive is considered to be very hazardous to one’s life. Drinking makes an individual to unconscious state where he could not realize what happenings around him are. Person with increased alcohol content in his blood is highly at risk. He may face high way accidents, injuries and at times death. Safety seat belts, air bags and helmets are used while driving to protect him. Continue reading

Drug Test Strip To Identify The Presence Of Drugs

Drug addiction has targeted most of the people all over the world. The factors leading to drug addiction include loss of self control, lack of proper education, compulsion, stress and exploration. This article will discuss about how lack of education leads to drug addiction. Continue reading