Business Ethics and Drug Testing

When it comes to drug mandatory testing there are some business ethics and drug testing that should be followed.  The basic controversial form of drug testing is a reasonable suspicion that forms a cause for testing.  When the performance level of an employee is decreasing because of some kind of drug abuse then the consumption of illegal drugs or excessive consumption of drugs should be definitely tested for it. The reasonableness might not be determinable easily, the employee might feel that the employer’s reasonability is an exploitation of this privacy; however, since in most of the cases even a minimum reasonability is related to the safety of the employee it has to be done.

The issue of the type of drug testing is also more complex.  Some people might not be agreeable to the concept of random testing because it interferes to a major extent with the ability of the individual to manage his or her drug intake without getting caught in a drug testing process.  Certo drug testing is a reference made to detecting possible dilution of the sample with adulterants like certo.  This is detected by making use of integrity drug testing methods, where any kind of adulteration methods like using bleach, drinking water, providing with artificial urine, using certo and all such can be determined and trapped out.

Most employers realize that using many kinds of testing programs for complicating employees works out best.  For instance, all employees or job applicants may be routinely tested for drug use as a major condition of the employment or job offer.  Getting a consent letter is very important for any kind of drug testing and by signing up, the individual agrees to accept the terms and conditions of a particular test, which includes the release of the results to the appropriate company and personnel; however, these completed consent forms are not defense to the later legal variations; however, they do provide with some kind of protection for the employer.

If any one is refusing to sign the consent forms it means that they are refusing to take the test. In cases where this should occur, what kind of recourse would any employer have? However, if the test is required as a part of the random testing and if there is no evidence of that the employer has revealed a consequence of non-acceptance of the test then the employee might be justified in refusing to submit.

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How Reliable are Home Drug Test

The appeal of kit for testing drugs at home is a growing trend. The idea of parents finding out on their own whether or not their child is using drugs without a physician intervening is appealing. However the question still remains is how reliable are home drug test ? The stock of kits for home drug test is growing and so is the parents concern. Of course they want to find the most accurate one available.

So how do you determine if the home drug testing kit you have bought will size up?

Research- Researching the products will give you a better understand on what they are testing and how the test works. It will give you a clearer view on what to expect and how far back each test will show. There are both urine and saliva home drug testing kits. Ideally the urine test is more accurate to find a history of use. The urine test can show up to 30 days back. However the Saliva test is easier and can detect immediate use up to the last 24 hours.

FDA Approval- Look on the boxes of various testing supplies. FDA Cleared home drug testing kits are accurate up to 99% and they provide fast results you can keep confidential.

Word of Mouth: if you are comfortable you can ask others if they have used one. Which drug testing kits they have used and if they were accurate. This will give you a better idea on what is more used by others.

Though it is difficult to use kits for drug testing at home we often need it to stop the problem before it gets out of hand. Sometimes being caught [red handed] sort of speak makes a bigger impact than just talking, or grounding the child. Keep in mind there are ways to deceive the home drug test but frequent testing will often keep them on their toes. Additionally some companies are using the home drug testing kits to regularly check their employees.

The use of these tests in this manor have for the most part been accurate in determining drug use. There are various drugs the test can check for and give you a better reading on your employees and their extracurricular activities. Finding a kit for home drug test is relatively easy and now can be found in most pharmacies all over the country. Remember leading you in the right direction is up to us; where and when you use it is up to you!

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Drug Abuse among Teenager

Most clinicians and researches are in agreement with the fact that the drug abuse disorder among teen do have a lot of similarities and variations from psychiatric syndromes that happen during the adolescent age. The similarities in drug abuse among teen and psychiatric disorders consist of impairment of the normal functioning of the teen, inappropriate behavior within the family and social network. Drug abuse among teenager is a major reason behind dysphoric affective disorders and possible death. It is crucial to understand and avoid and treat these issues from a psychosocial standpoint.

The common attributes and differences between drug abuse and addiction and psychological syndromes should be carefully considered and studied. There are several treatment strategies available for prevention and treatment of depression and adjustment disorders, or related psychological disorders; however, these treatment methodologies cannot be indiscriminately used for interferences in problems that are related to drug abuse.

Many factors should be considered in trying to assess, correlate and interfering in drug abuse and child. These contain facts related to substance use in dissimilarity to drug abuse and dependence disorders in teenagers and children, which are not in many cases homogenous group of disorders. The consequence of treating such disorders is related in the bigger circumstance to behaviors, attitude, and socializing patterns within which drug use in early age does occur. Therefore, the epidemiological and etiological factors should be considered in close and relation with each other.

There is not really any solid and accepted criterion for determining what the reason behind drug use versus drug abuse among teenager is; however, it can be due to several reasons that can range from dug abuse in an attempt to experiment with prohibited behaviors, shimmering what some might consider as a unique feature of adolescent development. At what point does abuse turn to addiction eventually destructing life is closely being scrutinized. An aggressive intervention in the midway of abuse can lead to exacerbation of the problem in some cases. Therefore, the right criteria to develop and asses, approach and treat drug abuse among teenagers is still in the progress of study. There are several treatment methodologies, but all are not successful; however, for any kinds of treatment the initial assessment begins with strip testing. Remember, some of the demands for strip testing can be intimidating to the addict that is a teenager.

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DOT drug and alcohol testing

Since the outset of the DOT drug and alcohol testing program, there has been a lot of legal dispute from those that oppose drug tests. Though the DOT drug screen is mostly related to safety the courts have permitted the testing to be continued without any major set backs, it is indeed recognized as a compelling government need. Almost all states have formulated act regarding non-regulated testing to be referred to the DOT drug screening as a standard of practice that they are to follow.

The DOT drug test is related to a very tragic accident that occurred in the year 1987. On investigation of the accident; it was figured out that the employees that did drive were under the influence of marijuana and alcohol. As a response to the investigation results the DOT drug testing systems were mandated for aviation, rail and trucking industries. Due to the heavy impact of the event the DOT did not wait for the bill to be passed, but they implemented the rule under their own power. Following this accident there was another dreadful accident in August 1991, the legislation cited the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991.” The OTETA was passed in the interest of public safety.

When the bill was originally passed the DOT drug pass test requirement was mandated only to the trucking, aviation, railroads and mass transport system and the gas and oil pipeline industry were not mentioned; however, testing in those industries also began and it sill continues under the rights granted to the DOT as a government agency with regulatory duties.

The DOT has details about who would be tested and how they would be tested. Also, there are details cited in the DOT about what will happen if someone is tested positive and what will happen if someone is tested negative etcetera. The requirements of the OTETA were met in a consistent way after the establishment of the Office of the Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance to manage the development of the attempts for Workplace and alcohol testing methods.

The DOT standardization was framed to ensure that every employee that will be DOT tested by the same method, procedure and policy. The regulation has criteria that should be met before a person returns to job after violation of drug and alcohol use. Though the regulations seem to be very length they are pretty easy to be followed.

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Detox Drug Natural Test

Detoxifying refers to removing of harmful substances ranging from bacterial cells, fungal infections, alcohol, drugs etcetera. Detox drink drug home made test refer to the processes where the donor that has consumed drugs might be trying to detoxify by drinking lot of water at home to pass drug tests; however, detox drug natural test has majored in determining the probable chances of any sample being diluted by using the parameters such a specific gravity, pH, presence of glutaraldehyde etcetera.

Detox drug pass test is becoming necessary even in cases of where people are being addicted to prescription drugs. Truly, there is no need to go for secret detox methods to treat drug addiction rather there are a lot of drug treatment programs available to treat toxic levels of any drugs. Perhaps, on admitting that you have done drugs you might be put off job for sometime and you will be allowed a rehabilitation treatment. This is the best way to be detoxified rather than doing detox drug pass test without formal sources.

In cases where you will be trying to detox yourself from drugs from the many detox programs available you will be labeled as someone who is trying to hide addiction, but when you confess and get to rehabilitation, people recognize you as someone with the right attitude. It might be killing in the beginning, but after you rehabilitate you will be on a wonderful track of options. A professional treatment does detoxify you and re-qualifies you for a regular job after which you can take up any kind of detox drug testing and as far as you do not relapse you will test clean and negative.

Going to a professional rehabilitation help is the best route to have your system detoxified and not only do you get your body and metabolism back in shape; you tend to get back your life in good shape. When you are considering the cost issues related to enrolling in a rehabilitation program for detoxifying your system off addictive substances there can be some financial and time strains. It can mean some off from job or even job loss. It is better to undergo this form of treatment to prevent the many future risks that might arise due to active addiction, accidents, legal claims, liability losses, missed bills and a lot of other sloppy mistakes. The extra money and time can give you a good health to have a fresh start of life. So, have your drugs tested and have a formal rehabilitation.

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Athlete Drug High School Testing

When it comes to drug testing Athlete drug testing especially with Athlete drug high school testing college-student athletes in the US have been justified in many ways that bear indirectly on the issue of productivity.  The drug testing campaign for athletics drug high in school testing has adopted a central defense towards the war on drugs.  Drug use in many cases require nothing less than a social force with the aid of law requiring full-scale assault even if the individual’s right and privacy is diminished in the process.

Athletics drug in school testing firmed the widespread execution of random drug testing of public schools and sports schools in a decision that performed well beyond the past ruling that permits drug testing in professional sports than it was previously in the absence of random methods. The rationales for testing young athletes was due to concerns related to their medical safety, their responsibility to serve as role models for their peers and their fans, and their obligation about not to harm the reputation of the schools that they are representing in cases of interschool competitions.  Being absent from this list has a danger of being involved in unethical enhancement of athletic performance.

Whether or not such tests on athletes will have a social consequence is a very complex question that requires far more analysis; however, it is clear that the student athletic population in the US have been forced by courts and schools to play an important role in the war against drugs by extending cooperation to doing drug testing.

Public officials that make the drug testing programs should make their drug testing policy in a way that they have the minor students in mind thereby enhancing the social prestige of the drug testing plan by relating the drug testing with the formation of character of the child in becoming a responsible citizen of tomorrow. The success of any kind of athlete testing method will be with creating a sports culture that is absolutely free of drugs.  The sports organization will be able to get a tangible team health benefit from their investment in anti-doping work if they have a good planned drug testing policy for their organization. Interestingly, powerful sports groups have shown a common attitude of interest in participating in the war for drugs by making drug testing a part of their mission.  This is true with most international and national sports organization.  It would be better if drug testing begins from school levels.

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Drug Detection Dog

Drug detection dog is used to narrow down the search for controlled substances. It is important for drug detecting agencies regardless of the drug detection agencies they are working for to be aware of the elements of proof for the controlled substances like the detection period of drug in system, detection time saliva drug test and also about the punishments related to drug trafficking. An understanding of these norms will assist drug detecting agents in getting the cooperation of the drug addicts that they arrest and also in expanding their investigation to related areas like arresting seller etcetera.

In cases where the addict realizes that they are liable to severe punishment, they are likely to give better cooperating to the drug detecting agents. There are an increasing number of prison sentences for those who violate Federal Drug Laws. The higher the level of drug abuse offense the longer is the prison sentence. In some cases, if the offense was very high there is not going to be even chances for parole. Offenses that involve crack cocaine in most cases are subject to higher sentences. Powdered form cocaine receives comparatively less duration of sentences than crack cocaine.

The type and the amount of drug sold have got a close relationship with the kind of sentencing that the offender is likely to be subject to. There are more and more people involved in smuggling drugs by using fishing vessels and by off loading them in deserted beaches! The organizers of such smuggling are likely to receive more sentences than the sellers of these smuggled drugs. In cases where the smugglers accept their personal responsibility in the smuggling, they tend to get probable reduced sentences, but it is not a sure guarantee that guilty plea will lead to reduced sentences, it is just a probability.

Drug detection dogs can be used to inspect the personal belongings of workers and students. Usually, the staff of an office or students of a school are required to leave their classrooms or office desk after which a drug detection dog is allowed to enter in to the room to detect substances of abuse. Drug detection dog for sale are available from professional dog trainers and also from law enforcement agencies for such purposes on official request through proper channels. Interestingly, these biosensors of drugs are able to detect the drug beyond the drug detection time! If the wallet was previously stored with some illegal drug, if the dog sniffs it, it does detect some probable past chances for the wallet to have been stored with illicit abuse. This could be a month after the abuser has sniffed the drug that was stored!

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Cigarette Drug Test

Leukocytosis is one of the well-recognized side effects of cigarette smoking. The dose of smoking plays a major role in causing smoke-induced leukocytosis. Immunopharmacology bases most of their test results based on cigarette drug test, though the exact mechanism of smoke-induced variations in the immune response is poorly understood, frequent cigarette smoke test positive in many cases has lead to change in the primary immune response of the smoker. It is also reported to cause tangible effects on the secondary antibody response of the smoker! It is due to this concept cotinine blood test is being an important part in determining the medical insurance limitations.

Cigarette smoking is a dangerous mix of complex substances and most of them can potentially influence the immune system. The B cell membrane signal transduction pathway is greatly affected by nicotine which is present in cigarette smoke. The levels of these harmful substances can be studied at random using the Cotinine saliva test.

Cigarette test will also be positive in cases of passive smoking where there is an involuntary inhalation of cigarette smoke by nonsmokers in an environment where there are a lot of cigarette smokers like in waiting rooms, airlines, restaurants, etcetera. In such areas nonsmokers are unwillingly exposed to the cigarette smoker health hazard. Chronic passive smoking leads to significant amount of pulmonary dysfunction. Environmental tobacco smoke is responsible for more than 3000 lung cancer deaths annually. The nonsmoking spouses of smokers are most susceptible to the risks of passive smoking. It is important for such nonsmoking spouses to frequently have themselves tested for cotinine in blood or saliva and they should receive early treatment for the same.

Cigarette smoking is witnessing a greatest number of deaths round the world. Every year more than 500,000 people in the US die due to smoke related diseases like cardiac stroke, cancer, bronchitis, emphysema, peptic ulcers etcetera. Every cigarette shortens life by 7 minutes and a chronic smoker is found to live 18 years less than a nonsmoker! Cigarette smoking has a major role in affecting the advantages of exercising to negativity. Tobacco smoke is reported to have more than 1200 toxic chemicals within just a few seconds of inhalation nicotine affects the Central Nervous System. Cigarette addiction is stronger than the addictive power of alcohol! People are beginning to smoke knowing just half the detrimental facts. Take help to quit smoking. Test your levels of nicotine very often and you will realize the ever existing dangerous levels of cotinine in blood and saliva.

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Urine Dipstick Test

A urine dipstick test is very simple, but it is very important from several perspectives. A positive blood in the Urinalysis test result might be indicative of hematuria; a positive protein in urinalysis test strip might indicate proteinuria and might warrant further analysis. A positive test need not create any kind of panic, a further confirmatory test should be done to determine if the positive is due to minor or major reasons and appropriate treatment should be accorded.

Urinalysis testing of late has been very useful in ruling out drug abuse among all groups of population, especially in workplaces and schools due to the wide applicability of this drug testing system. Dipstick methods are the best and inexpensive methods to arrive at a semi-quantitative result of drug levels that are in the urine during the urine drug detection times.

Drug testing by urinalysis is the sole dependable method that is in practical use to determine whether someone that is under custody or under correctional observation has been using illegal drugs. Frequent testing can catch abusers pretty in the early stage and any rehabilitation treatment becomes simple and less expensive and less cumbersome. Urinalysis is an easy method to keep offenders in check in stages of the re-conviction trials or during the post-conviction release of probable relapse.

Most of the criminal justice agencies are aware of the accuracy of the urinalysis methods based on the kind of drug abused. In terms of suitability of costs and reliability of screening expect in rare drugs, most of them have been detected effectively in urinalysis.

In some drugs the urinalysis might cause more false positive than actual result. So, before deciding on the kind of technology to be used for the analysis, the reliability and accuracy of the urinalysis technology should be thoroughly studied. Moreover, it should be determined of the positives given by a particular urinalysis is in compliance with the Federal Drug Testing cut off guidelines.

Research is in the progress to create urine dipstick method of accuracy and quantitative reliability to prevent the confirmation of the positive by GC and MS methods. The day is not so far when such a technology might come in to existence. After any kind of positive urinalysis from EMIT, TDX, RIA methods, technicians employ GC/MS or TLC to confirm the exact substance of abuse. The GC/MS is the most commonly used method. opiates, cocaine, phencyclidine, amphetamines and marijuana and their metabolites are the most commonly tested drugs of abuse with urinalysis. Apart from this Ovulation, alcohol and nicotine testing is also done using urinalysis methods.

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Drug Screening Test

The technologies and analytical methods used for drug screening services should have been regulated and approved by the FDA or it should be in wide application with the Criminal Justice System; almost every kind of drug screening test that is being released for public use should be approved by the FDA. The manufacturers of drug screening urine test kit provide with package insert instructions in an easy to understand format making it easy for the onsite technicians to conduct tests on. The cot off standards for the test result should be clearly mentioned in the test package.

Most of the urinalysis technologies that are used to arrive at drug screening results are based on two major principles, which are immunoassay and chromatography. Immunoassays are used for the initial screening of specimens. EMIT, TDX and RIA are variations of immunoassays which form the foundation stone for almost all the drug screening preliminary testing methods. The TLC and the GC/MS are based on chromatographic techniques.

The drug screening question is based on the sensitivity and specificity of the test methods in common practice. In fact the different kinds of drug screening methods are proved on their superiority by means of their sensitivity and specificity. Sensitivity refers to the ability of a test to detect positive specimens. Highly sensitive test methods will be able to detect even very low quantities of drugs. Procedures that are not sensitive tend to miss on the detection of the drugs even at the required cut off concentration, thereby causing a lot of false positive result. A test method that is less sensitive will report negative when the drug metabolite is actually present in the specimen.

Specificity is another important consideration for any drug testing method. Specificity is the capability of the test to be able to differentiate between the drugs, the drug metabolite that is of interest in the study, and preventing positives from the cross reaction from other substances that is not desired in the test methods. A drug screening method that is highly specific produces very few false positives. Very few specimens show positive, when the sample is actually negative for the substance being tested. False positives occur because a particular compound resembles the substance that is being tested. Immunoassays are designed with moderate to good sensitivity and therefore they can detect small amounts of drugs with accurate specificity and sensitivity most of the time.

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