Tricyclic Drug Tests

Doxepin is a tricyclic antidepressant that falls under the category of noradrenalin and 5- hydroxyl triptamine reuptake inhibitors. They prolong the action of these neurotransmitters thereby alleviating depression. They have different effects on normal and depressed individuals. It has little acute effects on depressed patients whereas produces adverse affects in normal individuals such ad peculiar clumsy feeling, tiredness, light-headedness, sleepiness, difficulty in concentration and thinking, unsteady gait. Though there is no mood elevation or euphoria, yet they provoke anxiety and unpleasant sensation which makes doxepine drug testing an important part of pre employment drug testing.

People having TCA treatment have higher suicidal tendency. So if you have an employee who is on TCAs, then you have to take special precautions for him or her. You should not put them in a place that brings a lot of stress. You should not make any statements or remarks that depress them as this would precipitate the depression. Sometimes leaving them in isolation would bring in them the thoughts of committing suicide. So you must put them in places where there is lot of activity. All this can be done only if you know that they are on tricyclic antidepressants which the person would never say in most of the cases. But you can use the drug stick tricyclic test to assess this.

One of the most common forms of suicide among depressed patients is the drug over dosage of TCAs. But sometimes, it can also be homicidal. In either case, if you are a policeman, then you can use drug immunoassay tricyclics for detecting the presence of TCA in urine of the deceased. You can do this as a preliminary test before sending the body to the forensic examination where the results may sometimes be manipulated. In such cases you can show the result of your drug imipramine screening as a proof of your argument.

Promazine is another TCA which is also abused frequently. In these entire drug screening procedures the methodology is simple. In drug promazine testing you just have to dip the test strip in the urine sample for 10 seconds and then leave it undisturbed for 5 minutes and check the color lines. If the test lines appear along with control line, then the test is considered negative whereas if only the control line appears, it is considered positive.

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Propoxyphene detection

Propoxyphene is a potent analgesic that is one of the many drugs that are commonly abused by the recreational users. It produces nervous symptoms and gastrointestinal effects. They are potent in creating a strong physical dependence. Nausea, vomiting, head ache, constipation, light headedness, confusion and other constitutional symptoms are frequent among the Darvon users. Thus propoxyphene detection forms an important part of drug testing in the companies as pre employment screening.

Propoxyphene and its derivative norpropoxyphene are detected in urine whose cut off concentrations must be 300 ng/ ml to give a positive result. Propoxyphene screening urine is a simple procedure that can be performed using the drug testing kits. The kits come with test strips in a round vial with desiccant cap, package insert, and the instruction manual. In addition you would require a specimen collection cup and a timer. The urine sample must be collected in the sterile container and can be collected at any time during the day. If the sample contains visible suspensions, then it has to be centrifuged, and filtered to get the clear specimen. In cases of long term storage of specimens, freezing techniques can be used.

Propoxyphene urine screen is an in vitro diagnostic technique which is a qualitative analysis of the urine specimens that utilizes the lateral flow chromatography immunoassay. The urine specimen must be allowed to reach the room temperature prior to testing and the testing strips must be carefully taken out from the closed round vial and the cap must be put as soon as possible. Then dip the strip in to the test urine up to the indicated mark for 10 to 15 seconds. Remove the strip and place it on a flat non absorbent surface and wait for another 5 minutes for the lines to appear. Do not take too much time in reading the results.

Propoxyphene test urine if shows a positive result for the test, then a confirmatory procedure has to be done using the mass spectrometry and gas chromatography techniques. And the test strips must be discarded after use and the device should not be used if it had gone beyond the expiry date. The test strips should not be frozen.

Propoxyphene urinalysis would be positive even if it had not been abused. So a drug history must be elicited from the individual with the help of the previous records incase of pre employment testing.

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Ovulation Predictor

Unwanted pregnancies are a serious concern among the young women today. many of you would not like to have children due to several reasons like you are not married, or you are applying for a job that requires you to be non pregnant or you have a doubt whether your OCP has failed or your partner’s condom broke which has put you in a confusing state. In all the above instances, it is not possible to avoid the situation and also it is not possible to run to the doctor every time when such a doubt arises. This problem can be potentially solved by ovulation predictor kit.

These are simple and easy to use kits that help to detect early pregnancy. In other words it gives you an idea when you are likely to become pregnant. It measures the level of LH that is increased in large amounts just prior to ovulation. This can be detected in urine. These are also fertility monitor test that gives an idea whether you can conceive or not. LH levels are irrefutably linked with ovulation. If your anatomical and physiological processes are normal, then LH detection in urine gives the indication that the ovum is released from the ovary.

The fertility test comes in two simple forms. Either you can directly do the test in the stream of urine or you can dip the testing strip in the urine collected in the container. If the test shows positive result for LH, then there are more chances for you to ovulate within 24 hours which may vary. So you can actually track your ovum and follow abstinence during that period and avoid pregnancy. You can also resort to other ways of contraception.

There are also other physiological variations like thickening of cervical mucosa and rise in body temperature. But testing the cervical mucosa after taking a swab is not as easy as using the ovulation kit. Further the rise in temperature is not as reliable as it may also rise in response to fever.

Another potent advantage with the ovulation prediction test is that you can have a record of your LH surge for a number of months. So if you fail to conceive, then you can give this as additional information to your physician regarding your ovulation history. This would in fact narrow down the diagnosis.

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Barbiturate Screening

Barbiturates are potent sedatives that produce sedation, sleep, and anesthesia and coma in a dose dependent manner. They can be long acting like phenobarbitone, short acting like butobarbitone or ultra short acting like thiopentone. But they have a major disadvantage of abuse leading to physical and psychological dependence. When withdrawn, they produce withdrawal symptoms namely excitement, hallucinations, delirium, convulsions and sometimes even death. All this can be prevented if drug use of barbiturates is detected early and the person treated for addiction. But going to the FDA authorized lab every time may not be a feasible one for which home based barbiturate screening is used.

Further they cause acute barbiturates poisoning which makes the detection of these drugs essential. Depending upon the category of barbiturates, they may be excreted early or late but always in urine. This makes barbiturate testing urine reliable and accurate.

Barbiturate detection can be done in urine in several ways. Either you can go to the laboratory and give for the test or you can go a step in to technology and do it yourself using the home based drug testing kits. It can be done either using a single panel that exclusively tests for barbiturates or with a combination of drugs using the multi drug testing panels that detects other drugs of abuse along with barbiturates. These kits are easy to perform, reliable, accurate and time saving.

Barbiturate screening urine can be done only when the drug attains a minimum cut off concentration as devised by the technicians. You just have to dip the test strip in urine and wait for the test and control lines to appear. The test is valid only if both the control and test lines appear and is otherwise invalid. The absence of test line indicates positive test fro barbiturates.

Another reason why barbiturate urine screen is done is that many of the women consume it for therapeutic purposes. But in due course they may become dependent on it. Later on when they get pregnant, they may still continue to consume the drugs which have got the potency to cross the placental barrier and also get excreted in breast milk producing effects in the fetus and child. So when such a mother is diagnosed early of drug dependence to barbiturates, they can be given adequate treatment to prevent the adverse effects of barbiturates on the fetus and infants.

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FSH menopause test

Menopause is the normal physiological termination of the reproductive life of the women after which no ovulation or menses takes place. In the olden days women diagnosed menopause with the most reliable factor – cessation of menses permanently without pregnancy. Old age was an additional indication. In the later days people diagnosed menopause going to the physician. Nowadays this process has been simplified to FSH menopause test.

Now arises the query- why do we have to actually diagnose menopause when it is just a normal physiological phenomenon? Many times menopause is characterized by certain physical, physiological and psychological changes collectively called the PMS or Post menopausal syndrome that requires medical attention. So you can actually find out menopause early and consult your doctor regarding your further move. This can be done using a home menopause test.

The traditional method of menopause testing included minimum two trips to the practitioner who tested your blood twice for the presence of FSH. This was done in a span of 1 week. All this meant traveling to the clinic to and for, spending money on each visit and above all it eats away a lot of time. But with the home menopause tests you can save a lot time and money. The results can be seen within 5 minutes and in the most reliable and accurate manner. This test is very easy to perform and can be done anywhere and anytime. This is actually a two test system where you have to test yourself twice in a span of 5 to 7 days.

The testing kits for menopause is a hormone levels test where elevated levels of follicle stimulating hormone is associated with low estrogen levels and with the onset of menopause. All you have to do here is to collect your urine in the sterile cup and dip the testing device as shown in the instruction manual (that comes with the kit). Once the strip is wet, keep it on a flat non absorbent surface and wait for the control and test lines to appear within 5 minutes and not more than 10 minutes.

Suppose your home based FSH menopause test gives a positive result, and then go for the lab tests for menopause for confirmation. Finally consult your physician whether you have to take any medication or you can manage without medicinal support. It is not necessary that every women suffer from PMS.

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Dolophine Urine Testing

Dolophine or methadone is a synthetic opioid with chemical dissimilarity with morphine but pharmacologically similar to that. It has analgesic, respiratory depressant, antitussive, constipating and biliary actions similar to that of morphine. It binds to plasma proteins up to 90%, demethylated and cyclized in the liver and excreted in urine. This forms the basis of dolophine urine testing. Though the abuse potential for methadone lower than that of morphine but cumulates in the tissues. Tolerance to the drug develops more slowly and the withdrawal syndrome arises gradually with less severity.

The mode of intake of methadone is either oral or intravenous. The detection period is from 6 to 12 days. The primary use of dolophine is for the treatment for heroin addiction. So any amount of methadone or dolophine in urine or in the body means that the person is under treatment for heroin addiction. This provides an important clue for the drug abuse. Dolophine drug test can be done using a single panel drug detection screen card. It can be used for both homes and offices. This is a simple dip and read test method.

Drug test for Dolophine can also be done along with other drug tests using multi panel test cards. But the cut off concentration for the detection fro methadone is 300 ng/ ml. though this test is a multi panel test, yet it takes only 5 minutes for the detection. The technique used is the lateral flow chromatography immunoassay. This is designed for professional use and has got the clearance from FDA. Other combinations of drugs that can be tested along with methadone are cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, marijuana, opiate, phencyclidine, barbiturates, benzodiazepines and ecstasy.

Before testing for dolophine you must be familiar with the testing procedures. It is advisable that if you are testing your employees, then you must have a clear medical history of theirs. The reason is that methadone has a lot of therapeutic effects other than having its adverse effects which makes eliciting such a history essential. For instance dolophine is mainly used as substitution therapy of opiod dependence. So when you detect dolophine in the system of your employee, then you have to rule out the possibility of rehabilitation therapy.

Drug test dolophine if tests positive using the home based drug testing kits, then you have to go for the confirmatory tests that are done in the FDA authorized laboratories using higher sensitivity tests like mass spectrometry and gas chromatography.

Cocaine Drug Test Kit

Cocaine is the one of the common drugs of abuse. It does not produce psychological dependence and tolerance. They in fact produce reverse tolerance where behavioral effects are seen even at low concentrations. The only indication for using cocaine is for ocular anesthesia which is not warranted. It induces a sense of well being, delays fatigue and increases the power of endurance. Cocaine drug testing can be done at home using the cocaine drug test kit. These test kits save a lot of time and money. All you have to do is to buy the test kit and follow the instructions given.

Cocaine drug test kits serve a variety of purposes. Suppose you doubt your adolescent kid that he/she is using cocaine, then you can order for this kit and do it instantly at home. Moreover you would get non invasive and instantaneous results within minutes. You have to get the urine sample of your kid in the sterile specimen collection cup. Then dip the test strip into it n wait fro 5 minutes for the lines to appear. Appear of both control and test lines indicate negative and only control line indicates positive result.

A similar type of cocaine drug testing kit can be used in work places for keeping your work place free from drug abuse. You can do a cocaine drug screening for all your employees on a single day. You can even test the presence of adulterants and have the accuracy of the tests up to 99%. But the cut off concentration must be at least 300 ng/ ml for the drug to be detected.

Cocaine drug testing kits were primarily designed for parents to know the status of their kids’ drug abuse. But today even cocaine drug abusers use it for themselves. Many of them are men who have applied for high risk and sensitive jobs that have to undergo a mandatory drug screening. They just confirm that they are free of cocaine from their body. This would give them the confidence to face the interview.

And if the cocaine drug tests show positive results then you can go for confirmatory tests and finally for detoxification programs. This would help you to have a clear drug history and would not spoil your name in your work places. But you got to understand that such detoxification adulterants can also be detected in these drug testing techniques.

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Explain hair follicle

The drugs that you intake is widely distributed in the body depending on the solubility and the lipid: water co efficient partition of the drug. The distribution of the drug in the body is decided by several other factors too like the drug concentration, pharmacokinetics and the pharmacodynamics of the drug. There are certain areas of the body where there is active perfusion of the circulating system in the forward direction while passively in the reverse direction. One such area is the hair follicle. The drug that you take in gets widely distributed in the body including the hair follicles.

The hair follicle drug screening test is a long term screening procedure that can be done to detect any drug in the past 3 months. To explain hair follicle test, it is essential to understand that it can be done in the hair from any part of the body, which means that even if you shave off the hair on your head, face, pubis, and over any where in your body, the hair follicles that still remain would reveal your drug history.

This is especially true of the hair alcohol test. Suppose you consumed alcohol two months back and you have a pre employment screening the next day. Of course the alcohol would have been cleared from blood and urine but not from the hair follicles. There are even cleansing techniques like detoxification products which may sometimes fail to eliminate the alcohol.

This is the reason why hair drug screen is done as one of the reliable procedures for drug screening. But it is not as easy as the conventional urine and blood drug testing. Certain procedures are to be followed properly for getting the valid results.

The hair drug screen test requires about 150 strands of hair, cut at the scalp and must be within one and a half inch in the region of the newly formed hair. And the hair must not be obtained form the hairbrush. Then the hair specimen must be neatly put in a specimen pouch and packed in the sample bag and must be sent in the self addressed envelope to the laboratory.

The hair drug test is a non- invasive, cost effective and accurate methods that can detect the major substances of abuse namely cocaine, marijuana, opiates, methamphetamines, ecstasy, amphetamines and PCP. It is not possible to adulterate the hair follicle specimens easily.

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Drug and Alcohol Screening

Drug abuse, dependence, addiction and overdose are serious health problems in the US. A recent survey stated that 8 to 23 % of the teenagers are abusers of marijuana whereas 2 % reported cocaine abuse. The common drugs of abuse are opioid narcotics, sedative-hypnotics, psychomotor stimulants, PCP like drugs, cannabinoids, nicotine and hallucinogens. Different drugs have different molecular targets but produce similar effects of dissociative anesthesia, euphoria, excitement, etc. drug and alcohol screening is done for the purpose of detecting such drugs of dependence in your body.

The main purpose of drug testing varies for different occasions. Parents do it for knowing the drug status of their kids, companies do it on their employees for eliminating such persons to improve productivity and make a drug free work place and some individuals do it for knowing the status of any drug in their body before a pre employment screening, etc. though many people think that drug and alcohol test Is done for sacking inefficient employees from the team, rather they are done so that they can identify such people for providing rehabilitation and help them in giving up the habit.

Some of the critics say that drug and alcohol testing is an intrusion of one’s privacy. But on the other hand some employers say that drug and alcohol test permit has to be given by the employees before taking up the job. Further the company has to keep a track of the achievements and the progress of every individual which may be hampered by such drug and alcohol abuse.

The drug and alcohol testing company must have a clearly defined drug policy which has to be specified in the job application. It is essential to understand that all these drugs have therapeutic applications too like sedatives, analgesics, etc. So when you detect any illicit drug in the body of your employee, make sure that he is not on any of the medications related to the drug or else you would be nailing the wrong person to the cross.

The drug and alcohol testing employee must be well aware of the drug testing policy of the company. You can do regular drug tests at home using the home based drug testing kits to keep a record of your drug history. This would especially help you before any pre employment screening. You can do this test a week before your interview and on subsequent days. If you find the drug in your body in the initial testing, then you can resort to other ways of eliminating the drug from your body before the testing.

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Rapid Drug Testing

Drug testing as such has become an important procedure in every employment procedure. Imagine the time and labor that would take for every single test. Every time you perform a test and send it to the laboratory and then get the results. By the time the specimens reach the lab, there are many chances of the samples being adulterated. You can potentially fight this by doing a rapid drug testing.

Rapid drug tests are a group of tests that have been essentially designed for parents, employers, companies and individuals. The entire test would take only few minutes to perform and have accuracy up to 99%. The tests come in various forms like urine drug testing, blood testing, saliva, and hair drug testing. You can ask all your employees to get their urine samples and then test all of them simultaneously.

The most commonly followed rapid response drug tests is the urine drug test. The major reason behind this is that almost all drugs of abuse are metabolized in the liver and excreted in urine within few hours of consumption of the drug. The urine sample can also be obtained using non invasive techniques and does not involve any use of needles, catheters, etc. it can be performed during any time of the day. The samples can be obtained over and over even if the first sample is not utilized properly.

Rapid results tests consist of saliva drug testing too. The mechanism of the testing is similar to that of blood testing. The advantage of saliva drug testing over urine drug testing is that it can be done anywhere and at anytime. The amount of urine is limited as compared to that of the saliva. It is also easy to take saliva specimen and also this would be free from the phenomenon of shy bladder. The test can be done even just after few minutes of consumption of the drug rather like urine which would take some time for the drug to be metabolized. Hair follicle drug testing is extremely important to detect long term drug usage. The hair follicles house drugs even after 3 months of cessation of the drug consumption.

Rapid screen test is a quick, comfortable and easy to perform qualitative analysis using the simple non invasive techniques. The tests must be performed in the precise instructed manner to get the valid results.