OXY Drug Test

Oxycontin- a potent analgesic is a derivative of opium which is more a narcotic drug and comes under the category of illicit drugs. The safety margin is too narrow such that it produces adverse effects even in very mild over dosages in spite of the various therapeutic pharmacological actions like analgesic, sedative, mood and subjective effects, respiratory center depression, cough center depression, depression of temperature regulating center and depression of vasomotor center. they also have potent neuro endocrine effects, cardio vascular effects, GIT and actions on other smooth muscles and also on the autonomic nervous system. They are also capable of causing drug dependence which makes drug Oxycontin test an important part of the drug testing system.

The MS contin which is the morphine has wide spread distribution with a very high first pass metabolism. It primarily undergoes glucuronide conjugation in the liver which is more potent than morphine. It is a non cumulative drug which can freely cross the placental barrier and restricted passage across blood brain barrier. The ms contin drug test has to be done keeping in mind that the elimination of morphine is complete in 24 hours though small amounts may be present as a consequence of entero hepatic circulation.

The tylox drug test can be done using rapid urine drug test cassettes, home based drug test kits and various pack urine testing kits. These drug testing kits would help you to detect the abuse of the drug in the early stages and also prevent its harmful consequences. These tests are easy to do one step process which can be done onsite using urine samples for the detection of Oxycontin and related drugs in urine. The entire process would be a confidential one.

The Percocet drug testing a similar drug testing as Oxycontin and which has more or less the same effects on the body system. They have to be present in an optimum range for their detection in urine. The tests employ Immunochromatographical techniques for the detection of the drugs.

The side effects produced by these drugs like mental clouding, sedation, lethargy, constipation, respiratory depression, allergy, apnea, dependence has made oxycodone drug testing a mandatory one for drivers, laborers, workers, and hob applicants. Such rapid drug detection would help you to monitor the abuse of drugs among your work force which would in turn contribute to steady sigmoidal growth curve.

Rapid Drug Test

Collection of samples, taking it to the laboratory, waiting for the results to be listed- these are the various sequence of steps associated with the drug testing. Though economical sometimes, they are always time consuming. The best alternative is the rapid drug testing using drug instant kit test. All these testing devices are small, compact, easy to use and reliable. The results can be obtained instantaneously and above all for a large number of samples in a short duration of time. This would be of great help to the companies where drug testing comprises of testing a several samples at a given time.

The panel drug test can be done for a single drug or for a number of drugs at a given time. Single test cards consist of single test strip which can be specific for THC (marijuana), cocaine, or oxycodone or nicotine. The panel can also consist of more than one strip that detects more than one drug at a time. it can be 4 panel or 6 panel strips which are only for the qualitative analysis of drug.

Rapid drug detection can be done using adulterant test and breathalyzer. These rapid drug detection kits are composed of a testing unit that is coupled with the sample analyzing portion that comes in contact with the sample. The analyzing unit has the in built testing materials that assess the sample. In case of the test strips the presence of the drug can be seen by a change in color of the test strip. Always there are inbuilt positive and negative controls.

Rapid drug screening is also prone for false positive and false negatives that have to be carefully monitored. The best way of having a fool proof mechanism is to checking for the approved standards in the drug testing devices that you plan to buy. They must conform to the standards of FDA or SAMHSA or CLIA.

Rapid drug screens are effective both in terms of cost as well as time. They are done using disposable kits that are eco friendly. They provide accurate results especially for the employers who cannot spend extra time in going to the lab and getting the samples tested. Further the tests can be performed at any time irrespective of the place as they are portable and compact. Bed side testing of samples can also be done using rapid drug detection testing devices.

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Hair test

Drug testing can be done in various tissues and body fluids which depend on the ability of the drug to concentrate in various areas of the body. The most common routes of drug testing are blood tests, urine tests, saliva and oral fluid tests, hair follicle test and sweat. Different drugs have different ways of expressing themselves in one of the following ways. Every mode of drug testing has their own significance for which hair follicles are no exception. Drug follicle hair screen is routinely done to assess the status of certain drugs in the body.

The greatest advantage of drug follicle hair screening is that you can detect drugs that were taken in nearly 3 months or sometimes 6 months before. Every drug has its own half life which is the time taken by the drug to reach half of its initial concentration. After which it is actively metabolized by the mixed function oxidize system in the liver and filtered in the kidneys and excreted. It is because of this that it is difficult to detect the drug in the blood and urine samples after they have been excreted.

But this is not the case with hair follicle testing where the drug can be retained in the follicles for very long periods depending on the rate of hair growth. The heartening facts regarding drug hair info test is that hair from any part of the body can be efficiently used and even if the hairs are completely shaven or removed, the hair follicles can be used for drug testing. There are various standards laid that specify the length of the hair strand required, the number of hair required, the components to be tested, the procedures to be adopted ,etc. All these are regulated by the SAMHSA or Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or the CLIA.

The drug test hair analysis must keep in mind regarding the time taken by the various drugs to reach the hair follicle and the time taken by individual drug to leave the follicles. While cocaine, morphine, cotinine, heroin are present for 3 months, codeine stays for only up to 30 hours. LSD can stay for 3 days in the hair follicles whereas alcohol can be detected for the life time of the hair.

The drug testing kit hair is quite different from the urine analysis and blood testing devices. The availability of hair samples is another factor to be kept in mind while doing hair follicle drug testing.

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Employment Drug Test

Employment and drug testing are intertwined in spite of the literary differences owing to the decreased performance, impaired concentration, altered sensorium, and depreciated productivity. It is made mandatory to undergo drug testing before taking up any job relating to corporate, military, etc. it is essential to drug employment pass pre test.

Commonly used drugs of abuse are cocaine, marijuana, hashish, morphine, opiates, amphetamines, heroine, etc. All these drugs are initially consumed with the motive of getting relief from temporary stress and pain. But repeated usage leads to drug habituation and finally addiction. It is not just the repeated usage but also the narrow safety margin that makes these drugs unfit for use. The most common of these is the employment drug alcohol testing.

The major factor that contributes to the excessive alcohol use is that they are not banned like the illicit drugs and also they are available freely in various forms. Though not all forms of alcoholic beverages are same, they exert similar effects in over dosages. Alcohol can be detected within 12 hours in blood and after subsequent metabolism can be detected in urine. In the long course of alcohol intake they get accumulated in the hair follicles. They can be used efficiently for employment drug and alcohol testing.

Employment drug screen test must be done for all job applicants without any sort of discriminations. Moreover it is essential for every employer to evolve their own system of drug testing. Educational and awareness programs must be conducted at regular intervals for creating the awareness regarding the health hazards related to drug abuse and chronic alcohol use.

For every employment drug screening test, they must have simple, compact, and reliable drug testing kits that provides with instantaneous results within a short duration of time. Having such easy to use ready made kits would cut down the expenses that would other wise cost due to transportation and getting the results from any laboratory. The samples can be collected at the desire time and stored in sterile and sealed bottles. Then later on they can be tested using the drug testing kits. It is economical to test the presence of several drugs at a given time rather testing them separately. That is why test kits come with several panel of test strips that indicate the presence of any drug by undergoing a color change. Most of these drugs testing kits are only for qualitative analysis.

Employee Drug Testing

As more number of employees adopts the method of using drugs for stress and depression management, every company is realizing the need to test their employee for possible drug abuse. Drug abuse in any employee are disguised expenditure to the company in the form of medical insurance, absenteeism, frequent illness, decreased productivity, lack of motivation and above all confusion and impaired performance. The drug employee in place test Victorville can be done using simple, portable, and reliable tools that are designed in such a way that they provide instantaneous results with high accuracy.

Employee drug test is done by almost every company to create a drug free work place. It is for this reason that every company has their own well devised drug testing policy that makes drug testing mandatory for all its employees as well as the new job applicants. They have a legal drug free workplace policy that is given to all employees.

The startling data is that nearly 77% of the drug abusers are employed. It is important for nay employer to detect such people and take required measures. Either they can avoid taking in such candidates or help the employees to get rid of their addiction. Further drug testing must be done for all workers of a particular company to avoid remarks arising regarding the racial discrimination. Drug test for employee must be done regularly for continuous monitoring of your employees.

The drug testing employee if found positive for a drug must be sent for awareness and rehabilitation programs that would help them realize the seriousness of being addicted to drugs. The drug testing for large number of employees is really impracticable. There are several considerations regarding that. Initially collection of samples and their proper storage is quite essential, then, arrives the problem of sending it for assessment and then finally getting the results. All these can be avoided by purchasing drug testing kits that are safe, reliable and easy to use. Above all it would provide instantaneous results for a large number of samples in a very short duration.

The time effectiveness is also taken into consideration. Keeping all these considerations in mind the California employee drug test is performed. These kits have in built positive and negative controls that have several panels for testing several drugs at the same time. Employee drug testing would help to save millions of dollars in the context of medical and health insurance provided to the employees. Moreover the productivity of the company is sure to see a positive growth if the drug seeking behavior of your employees is monitored.

Drug and Alcohol Detection Testing

Alcohol has become a part of our culture owing to several reasons. With the first reason being climate! Alcohol intake in the form of malted liquors, wines and spirits is a part of a social gesture. Unfortunately the beverage has become a social and psychological threat due to overdose. 3% of alcohol intake is reported to be healthy, but it is quite impossible to stick on to the said limit!

Malted liquors are obtained from the fermentation of the germinating cereals with low alcohol content of 3 to 6 %. There are also strong beers available which have alcohol content up to 10%. Wines are products of fermentation of natural sugars present in grapes and other fruits. Alcohol content in wines varies for light wines, fortified wines and effervescent wines. The third category of alcohol called the spirits is the distilled form of the fermented products that have very high alcohol content. Drug alcohol detection testing can be done for any of the above products.

Drug alcohol testing is done by virtue of the various complications associated with alcoholism. There are varied responses depending upon the dose of the alcohol. There is excitation and euphoria initially followed by alteration in mood and feelings with decrease in anxiety. At higher concentrations there is profound mental disorientation, altered memory, altered sensorium, drowsiness, sloppy, ataxic, drunk, stupor and unconsciousness. With higher doses there is paralysis of the medullary centers and finally death.

As far as the alcohol concentration of the blood is below detectable levels then there are not many effects. But once measurable amounts appear in blood, there is a slowing of reflexes which makes driving dangerous. This is the reason why drug and alcohol abuse in teen should be closely monitored. There is also obliteration of the fine and precise motor movements, impairment of performance and loss of fine discrimination.

Drug and alcohol abuse statistics show that most of the chronic alcoholics report an alteration in the sleep architecture with poor quality and early morning awakening. There is also a reported increase in the sleep apnea syndrome. Chronic alcohol abuse is known to damage the neuronal substance of the brain.

Drug and alcohol random testing is done for various purposes. It can be done for assessing the status of drug usage among employees, Laborers, students, workers, and kids. The testing procedures are simple, effective, reliable, fast and easy. Absolute privacy can be ensured. The tests are devised in such a way that they can performed without much efforts and at bed side. A large number of samples can be tested at the same time and also the kits are compact and portable.

Drug Abuse

Shockingly kids through adults are in to this devilish behavior. Drug abuse is a serious concern for parents and the government. As the number of drug abusers increases day by day, it is more of a threat to the overall growth of a nation. It is disheartening to note that most of the victims of drug abuse are youngsters in their late teens and early twenties. This habitual addiction is mainly due to adolescence and related psychological disorders and depression.

The basic trigger behind drug abuse is seen in populations due to varied reasons:

  • People with too much of money! They snort because they do have enough for basic needs of life and do not feel there is anything better to do in life. They just waste what their parents did earn. They are mostly the rich brats.
  • Those which have no money! Do such because they are depressed and do not have something good to do. Depression kills their positive outlook in life and they do sorts of worthless snorting.
  • The middle income group! These are guided by temptation to fall in to this habit.

A percentage of population from every income group is in to this habit.

Drug abuse among teen is due to lack of positive thoughts in them. They tend to lack the attitude to fight failure. Underachievement in schools, colleges, academics and sports is one reason that contributes to drug abuse among teen groups.

Lack of preparation and guidance through the excitement of puberty, unresolved curiosity relating to role of sex in the life, unhappiness at puberty and peer pressure is another contributing reason to snorting. Though such produces relief from anxiety temporarily they are in fact more hazardous.

Drug abuse among teenager initially leads to a sensation of euphoria due to the inhibition of the inhibitory neurons in the brain. But later on, chronic use or higher doses inhibit all neurons leading to generalized depression, mental confusion, and restlessness, tremor, twitching of muscles, convulsions, unconsciousness, respiratory depression, and finally death in a dose dependent manner. Cocaine is a very powerful Central nervous system stimulant in this regard.

After prolonged use such drugs cause habituation and finally addiction. Drug abuse and addiction leads to decreased productivity and depreciation in the activity of an individual. Drug abuse usually refers to the use of an illicit drug that deviates from the approved medical and social patterns of a given culture at a given time. Once such drugs are interrupted, it produces serious consequences which are collectively called as drug abstinence syndrome or drug withdrawal reactions.

As far as the children are concerned, they are forced to adopt a pattern of compulsive drug use characterized by irresistible involvement with the drug. The average age per statistics for drug abuse is decreasing for every decade 9 year old and 11 year olds are in to his habit. Drug abuse and child bothers the parents in such a way that they are forced to keep a close watch over their wards. Drug testing becomes indispensable due to such concerns!

A positive moral guidance from parents and teachers about the overall purpose of life from the beginning years is the only key to demolish drug abuse behavior.

DOT drug testing

A major statistics of RTA (Road Traffic Accidents) are due to reckless driving which is found out to be principally due to alcohol intoxication. The reaction time of an average individual is one tenth of a second whereas during alcoholic intoxication this increases to one fifteenth of a second. This is the reason why alcoholics take longer time to perceive things especially while driving. So they are more prone to accidents and die due to trauma. In order to avoid it, the department of transportation has modulated the DOT drug and alcohol testing, which suggests a standard 5 or 10 panel drug testing for this purpose from a SAMHSA authorized laboratory.

The edible alcohol is the ethyl alcohol whose content differs from one type of alcoholic drink to another. It is slowly absorbed from the gastric mucosa but very rapidly through the intestines. Once they gain access to the blood vasculature through the mesenteric blood vessels, they are free to diffuse to almost any part of the body. They enter the brain through the cerebral circulation and stimulate the cerebrum in low plasma concentrations and produce euphoria. But in higher concentrations, it causes mental clouding, disorganization of thought, impairment of memory, and other faculties, alteration of perception and drowsiness supervene. It is for this reason that dot drug pass test is required.

Dot drug screen (Department of Transportation drug screen) is mainly done for 5 main components like opiates, amphetamines, marijuana, cocaine and PCP). Any drug in the body has to be metabolized and excreted. So, any of such components tend to be found in blood and saliva (oral fluids) urine, hair follicle and sweat. The half life of alcohol is very less. Dot drug screen can be done for any of the following components for the presence of alcohol in the body.

Dot drug screening is a simple procedure where you can use your urine samples in integrated test cups. These test cups usually have several strips that detect various drugs by showing a color change. These color changes can be found out by comparing the color of the test strips to that of the standard chart provided. An instruction manual comes along with the test kit.

DOT drug test must be taken for every driver as a mandatory process to avoid the RTA that claims more lives in the unnatural manner. It is not easy to escape this testing as the drugs tend to accumulate in the hair follicle in the course of time which would yield positive results even after the cessation of alcohol for nearly three months.

Drug detox

With the increasing number of cases where the companies incur millions of dollars as losses for the compensation of the medical expenses of their employees, the companies are becoming more and more concerned about the health of their workers. Most of the health risks of the laborers are largely due to the faulty life style of smoking, drinking alcohol, drug addiction, etc. Further the productivity of the individual decreases to such a drastic curve that the company is forced to spend more on them than they give to the company. So the companies are strictly through the drug testing kits, but you can have hope by using the detox drink drug home made test to beat these tests.

The detox drinks are solutions that serve to lock the elimination of the drug from the body or to mask their presence. These detox drug natural test are affordable and easy to use. These detox products helps you to monitor the presence of any drug in the body as well as to pass the drug test. You just have to test your samples for the presence of any drug. If you find any drugs showing up in the test strips, you need to take the prescribed detox solution to conceal it and test it over again to ensure that the drug has disappeared from the body. This would help you to take any drug test with confidence. However, you may not know when the scientific world will come out with alarming side effects of detox solutions either!

There are various factors that you have to consider before taking any detox drug pass test ranging from affordability, feasibility, FDA approval, 100% safe and natural, easy and convenient to use, reliable results, and also simple to use. The authenticity of the detox product must be confirmed to prevent adulteration of the detox products. It is still questionably under research regarding if detox drug pass test are safe.

Detox drug pass test without side effects is under research and for now you have no choice than to follow the procedures specified in the instruction manual that comes with the detox product purchased. The detox kits come for urine drug test- detox pills, urine drug test-detox drinks, saliva drug test- detox products, hair drug test- detox products, cocaine detox kits and alternative detoxifying products. There are also detox kits for THC or marijuana.

Detox drug testing is easy to use and above all it assures privacy to the user. The detox products bring out all the drugs to the blood stream so that they are metabolized in the liver and kidneys and filtered and excreted through the latter. Mostly they are in the form of drinks that pace up the metabolism of the drug from the body. You need to remember that such kind of methods to conceal drug use is tricky and can be dangerous too!

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Detection Times

Drug testing is becoming more and more essential in the present scenario owing to the increasing number of people consuming drugs for beating out stress. Once started as a passive habit, it soon becomes an addiction that costs several million dollars to the government every year. But for the testing of any drug, it is mandatory to know the detection drug time which differs widely between various drugs.

The detection period of drug in system is governed by various factors that are broadly classified as the primary and the secondary factors. The primary factors include the drug intake, rate of metabolism of the drug in the body, and half life of the drug and the route of excretion. Those drugs that have short half lives and rapid rate of metabolism are difficult to detect after some time whereas it is the vice versa for the long acting drugs. The secondary factors include the status of the liver, and other organ systems which act in a cohesive manner to eliminate the drug from the body. The diseased conditions of the liver and kidney alter the metabolism of drug in the body which sways away from the normal standard values.

There is also a lot of difference between the concentrations of different drugs at different sites of the body. The major sites for the accumulation of drugs are urine, blood, saliva, hair follicle and sweat secretions. The concentration of the drug is seen in the blood once the drug finds its way through the vascular system and takes much more time to reach urine which is the time taken for the drug to get metabolized. The detection time saliva drug test is similar to that of blood. It is possible to detect drug in saliva and oral fluid from the ingestion of the drug.

The drug detection in urine and blood is highly reliable as far as the moderate duration of the drug is concerned whereas for long term detection, hair follicle test is more reliable.

The presence of the illegal drugs that are stocked anywhere can be detected by using drug detection dog. They are trained in a similar fashion for detection of drugs as they are trained for the detection of bombs. The same concept of detection by habituation and training applies here too. The dogs are trained using the white towel dusted with the illegal drug that is recorded in the memory of the dog that can be recalled once re-sensitized.