10 Panel Drug Tests Provide Reliable Results To Identify Drug Abuse

The 10 panel drug tests provide reliable results to identify drug abuse. Drug addiction is not only a threat to the life and health of the concerned individual, but it is also harmful to employment and the family members of the one concerned.

Test In Just One Dip – Little Sample

You do not want to use up the sample entirely, trying to test each drug one by one. Rather with 10 drug test panel you can test for the presence of multiple drugs using a very tiny amount of sample and in just one dip.

No Additional Apparatus Required

To perform drug test 10 panel you do not need lot of apparatus, rather you just need the strip and the sample. Of course, you need the sample collection cup.

Test Cups and Test Cards

The 10 panel drug test kit can be a card or a cup. With a card, you should collect the sample in a sample collection cup, dip in the test kit in to it and take the reading. In an integrated EZ test cup meant for testing you need collect the sample and the test strip integrated in the cup would automatically provide the reading against each channel in the cup.

Great for Rapid drug detection/ Random drug testing

These test kits are great options for rapid preliminary analysis for drugs of abuse. You get to know the results in no time. The great thing is that the FDA approves these test kits and the results are legally valid when supported by higher quantitative tests for drugs of abuse.

There is no real end use with recreational drugs. Even prescription drugs in over doses are dangerous. It is important to avoid drug abuse. To identify prescription drug use you can use prescription drug testing.

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