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Part of what keeps us going are the e-mails we get from you after you have used
our products. Please contact us or give feedback to us to share your story with us. We appreciate hearing from you. Thanks for your support.

You can never have enough! I am so impressed by your product line. Your customer service is really very good! This is my third order from you and there will be plenty more. I have also recommended you to three other friends who have ordered.
- Jennifer C., Texas
Thank you very much -- I appreciate your prompt reply. I have told several of my friends about your website. Your prices and customer service are the best I've found.
- Ryan, S., New York, NY

I used your five-panel test of drugs consisting of marijuana (THC), cocaine, PCP, opiates (such as codeine and morphine) and amphetamines for my employees. Your user-friendly, reliable, and rapid test kits provide an unobtrusive way to reassure that the employees are healthy and productive.
-Roger A., California

I've been very satisfied with the results from your products. Your customer service reps have been more than helpful in answering all of my questions. I look forward to using your products in the near future.
-Denis J., MI

I found your site on the web. I really thank you for your products and services for conducting the drug screening program for our organization.
- Wayne, KY

Thank you for making drug testing kits easily available on the web. It makes testing quick and easy, no waiting for a doctor appointment for lab work.
–  Jeff  Charlotte, Miami

I am a trainer with the sports teams and we have to conduct tests to keep a check on illegal drugs use by the athletes. Your testing kits have always been very useful.
-John C., North Carolina

I use your testing kits for students that I suspect of using illegal drugs in my class, I enforce this strictly!!! I am a martial arts teacher and have been for 18 years and don't believe in students on drugs. To put the matter short, I am glad I found your site. Prices are great. Thanks.
 - Leslie Jackson, Nevada

I just wanted to let you know that I think your Saliva Alcohol test strips are really wonderful. Although I am of legal age to drink, and I never drive if I have been drinking, there have been times when my driver’s alcohol level has been questionable. Your ‘zero tolerance’ alcohol test strips take some of the question and debate out of the situation. It’s much easier to pay for a cab than a funeral!
– James Reno, Ark.

I am working with a drug treatment center and I always use your drug testing kits for drug testing my patients. I’ve always found them to be most reliable. Keep up the good work.
- A happy client, Albany