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Check drug abuse instantly at your office/school or at sports or at home with our highly reliable drug tests.

If you are an employer or a school/sports administrator or from any institution wants to check the drug abuse at your place, you are at the right place to verify your suspicion instantly with our FDA Cleared fool proof drug test kits. With the wide range of drug tests we offer, you can conduct hassle free employee drug testing or athlete drug testing or even drug testing in schools with ease and accuracy. Law enforcement and Medical Institutions can also use our drug test kits, to get instant results.

Key Features of RapidDrugDetection.Com

  • Our drug testing kits are FDA Cleared, which strictly follow SAMSHA cutoff levels.
  • No expertise is needed; even a first time user can perform the tests without getting other's help.
  • Our drug screening kits are quick, completely reliable and accurate in giving out test results.
  • Our drug tests are affordable for any institutional and corporate customers with highly discounted prices. More over get free shipping for the orders above $25 and further reduced prices on bulk orders.
  • We have a range of secured payment options making the ordering process easier for you.

Oral Drug Tests– Institutional Drug Detection Made Tamper Proof and Easy to Administer

Our Oral drug tests are mostly preferred by Institutional clients, because saliva test is easy to administer and harder to adulterate since the sample can be obtained under direct supervision. It can be used to check instant abuse of six types of widely abused drugs and their metabolites. We have a separate saliva test kit for alcohol testing.

We also provideNicotine testing kits to check cotinine and Breathalyzers to check alcohol levels in the system instantly, which are highly helpful to Insurance companies and Law enforcement.

Wide Range of Choices to Meet Your Requirements!

Since we have various products to test various drugs, you have a wide choice of selection of the test which matches your institutional requirements.

Single to Multiple Drug Testing - We have various drug test kits to test single to ten drugs at a time instantly. Multiple drug testing devices can detect various combinations of the drug abuse.

Different Types of Drug Tests - We offer a wide range of drug tests to suit your institutional requirements like easy to administer, adulteration proof, affordable and instant results. The types of drug tests we offer are urine drug testing, oral drug testing, hair follicle drug testing and breathalyzers.

Different Ways of Drug Testing - You can select the most suitable way to conduct a drug test with the products we offer for you convenience. You can use drug test strips, EZ test cups, EZ test cups with adulteration strip, specimen validity test kits and specimen test cups.

We also offer lab services for hair, urine and oral saliva drug testing which are 100% accurate.

Contact us with the US toll free at 1-866-937-8483 or fax us toll free at 1-866-952-9752.

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EZ Test Cups II + Adulterant

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