Test for Cannabinoids and Marijuana

Cannabinoids originate from dried flowers, resin or leaves in cannabis plant.  The plant contains THC.  The alternate names for cannabinoids include marijuana, weed and pot. The effects of cannabinoids are difficulty concentrating, impaired motor skills, slow reflexes, apathy, reduced coordination and concentration, and dryness of mouth.  Testing for cannabinoids is important for confirming mental and physical wellbeing. Marijuana drug test and Cannabinoid drug test is a crucial element in most of the pre-employment drug testing.

Marijuana is the most widely abused drug in the US.  Urine Cannabinoid testing permitting performance of the test in non-laboratory settings like in probation offices, industrial locations, and schools have been formed and most of them like test for marijuana can be performed without any kind of technical experience on the testing methods.

However, those that are going to interpret the test results should be those that are probably aware of the pitfalls of such test methods.  In cases, where the test results are being used for counseling or in determining the compliance of the patient in abstaining from marijuana then the tests should be determined and interpreted by an expert rather than someone that has no technical knowledge about it.

It should be noted that in some cases of passive inhalation of marijuana the test result is likely to be positive.  So, in such cases a legit and reasonable consideration of the lower limit values for illegal positives should be set in deciding and confirming positive testing for marijuana.

There are test strips available to test for marijuana in single as a single panel drug test or there are also test strips that are made available for testing for marijuana and other illegal drugs of abuse as multiple panel drug tests like single panel drug test, two panel drug tests, three panel drug test etcetera.  Based on the combination of drugs that the company or an individual is interested in having tested they can make the purchase accordingly.

In cases where the test is being done due to non-productivity of the candidate, it is always advisable to be doing multiple panel drug tests because the resultant non-productivity can be related to something that is not just related to marijuana and it can be related to poly drug abuse and sometimes abuse of some other drug other than marijuana.  The positive result of any kind of basic immunoassay is just a yes or no answer and it should be confirmed by alternative confirmatory test methods.

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