Beat A Urine Drug Test – Sample Integrity Test

Medications are not at risk until they are used legally. Sometimes the prescribed medications are misused so that the patient becomes addicted to that drug developing a high risk to the health. Particularly women become addicted to the prescribed medication more quickly. The mostly misused prescribed medications are Opoids, central nervous system depressants and stimulants. These types of medications are prescribed for the pain relief, anxiety and for obesity and sleeping disorder respectively. However in USA the addiction to prescribed drug is uncommon. Continue reading

Drug Test For Morphine Is Mostly By Urine Testing

Morphine is natural opium which occurs as white crystals or white powder and has bitter taste and alkaline reactions. When orally ingested, it is well absorbed by the intestines and this first pass metabolism is bypassed if morphine is injected and the time interval between the intake of drug and the appearance of drug in blood is very minimal. Still urine remains to be the most effective specimen for the testing the presence of morphine in the body. But it can also be recovered from blood and bile. Continue reading