Methods to drug test for marijuana

Marijuana is also referred to as Cannabinoid drug which is known for from earlier days. The active metabolite present in the marijuana is THC. This is produced only in the human system after metabolism of marijuana. This kind of drug are more commonly smoked or inhaled for their active pleasure. Basically drug and its metabolites will impair the function of central nervous system. Marijuana has side effect with one step forward producing short time effect and long time effect. Mainly it impairs the memory and cognitive thinking ability. Continue reading

Cannabis and Marijuana Drug Testing

Marijuana causes several issues surrounding neurological thinking. Though many users fail to see them prolonged use of Marijuana can cause loss of short term memory. The effects of marijuana are well known to most consisting of distorted perception, loss of reasoning and problem solving skills, and loss of coordination among other things. The longer the person uses marijuana [cannabis] the worse the effects become.

Many employers have resorted to use of drug test to find current users in the work place. There are several marijuana detection drug tests one can buy to tell if a child or employee is using. The drug test drug screens for THC are effective for finding marijuana in a persons system. Several companies are using THC urine tests to determine if their employees are using. There are a few forms of drug screen THC they can use:

One being Urine: THC can stay in your urine anywhere from 3-30 days. However there are several new methods people are using to clean the system faster; vacating the THC from the urine so it is undetected.

The next way is through Hair Follicles
: depending on how much hair is being tested the THC can stay in the system for up to 3 years after the last time a user has used the drug. Giving the employer, parent, or courts a much better view of the users history.

Ideally cannabis drug test is often used in the urine samples. This gives a quick and mostly accurate view of the users history. Methods like use of other herbs and vitamins are used to flush the system before urine tests can be given. Hair follicles provide a much accurate rate of results.

Though there are several long term effects of marijuana it is often hard for the user to quit. Long term effects of marijuana can consist of: break down of the immune system, respiratory problems, and a break down of the tissue in the lining of the lungs. Though most of the effects of marijuana are obvious it is hard for users to see. The extensive use of marijuana creates memory loss, and reduced motor function. There will always be someone attempting to beat the system for their own purposes; and  researchers will continue to  trying to create more detailed and accurate ways to detect the use of marijuana and other drugs in the bodies system. However the best remedy is simply to stop using. The dangers and effects of the drugs out weight the perks of using any day!

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