I screen cup

The choice of drug testing largely depends on the sample available and the feasibility of the tests that can be done. But the process of drug testing becomes cumbersome when you have to handle the urine samples. First you have to get the sample from the candidate and then dip the testing strip in to it and place it on the table. Then you will have to wait for the results for few minutes. This problem of handling urine specimens can be largely solved if you have a kit that tests for the drug without handling the specimens. The I screen cup is the product of this solution.

The I cup drug screen is an integrated drug testing method where the testing strips are built inside the cup. The brighter part of the testing cup is that it is an all in one device that tests for a number of drugs at the same time. You need not do anything more than buying the testing kit. Just get the urine sample in the cup and wait for few minutes for the reaction to take place within the kit and interpret the results using the standard color charts.

The advantage of the results in I screening cup is that you can photocopy the results. You have to peel off the label over the result and get it photocopied after interpreting. You can test for more than 1 drug at a time and sometimes up to 10 drugs. All this can be done instantly within seconds. This Xerox feature helps you to retain the drug testing results for further use.

The small and compact design of the I cup drug screen gives it the advantage of easy handling and storage. Even the results appear in darker lines and at a pace that you need not wait for more than few minutes. Moreover it is easy to collect specimens and is a non invasive procedure that does not affect the donor in any way.

The I cup drug test kit comes with a shelf life of 18 months and the cut off levels correspond to the SAMHSA standards. The best part of integrated drug testing is the detection of adulterants alongside the main drugs. It tests for the pH levels, specific gravity testing for sample dilution and for the testing of the oxidants. This built in adulteration testing would save your time considerably.

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