Menopause diet

Menopause is the period of absence of menstrual cycle. During this period a woman experience lot of stress and tension and loses her healthy life. Menopause diet is very important to keep one’s health with balanced foods. Balanced diet is followed in order to over come the physical troubles faced during menopause period. Continue reading

FSH menopause test

Menopause is the normal physiological termination of the reproductive life of the women after which no ovulation or menses takes place. In the olden days women diagnosed menopause with the most reliable factor – cessation of menses permanently without pregnancy. Old age was an additional indication. In the later days people diagnosed menopause going to the physician. Nowadays this process has been simplified to FSH menopause test.

Now arises the query- why do we have to actually diagnose menopause when it is just a normal physiological phenomenon? Many times menopause is characterized by certain physical, physiological and psychological changes collectively called the PMS or Post menopausal syndrome that requires medical attention. So you can actually find out menopause early and consult your doctor regarding your further move. This can be done using a home menopause test.

The traditional method of menopause testing included minimum two trips to the practitioner who tested your blood twice for the presence of FSH. This was done in a span of 1 week. All this meant traveling to the clinic to and for, spending money on each visit and above all it eats away a lot of time. But with the home menopause tests you can save a lot time and money. The results can be seen within 5 minutes and in the most reliable and accurate manner. This test is very easy to perform and can be done anywhere and anytime. This is actually a two test system where you have to test yourself twice in a span of 5 to 7 days.

The testing kits for menopause is a hormone levels test where elevated levels of follicle stimulating hormone is associated with low estrogen levels and with the onset of menopause. All you have to do here is to collect your urine in the sterile cup and dip the testing device as shown in the instruction manual (that comes with the kit). Once the strip is wet, keep it on a flat non absorbent surface and wait for the control and test lines to appear within 5 minutes and not more than 10 minutes.

Suppose your home based FSH menopause test gives a positive result, and then go for the lab tests for menopause for confirmation. Finally consult your physician whether you have to take any medication or you can manage without medicinal support. It is not necessary that every women suffer from PMS.

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