Enduring addiction recovery

Long-lasting addiction recovery have need of promising to an evenly long-term move toward—one which formulates it obvious what is at risk and how unsurpassed to tackle it. Addiction means at its spirit, an arousing occurrence, motivated by the practice, confidence and recollections that force so much of individual psychology. That means the surest method to discover long-lasting release is in the hands of a qualified professional. Continue reading

Drug and Alcohol Screening

Drug abuse, dependence, addiction and overdose are serious health problems in the US. A recent survey stated that 8 to 23 % of the teenagers are abusers of marijuana whereas 2 % reported cocaine abuse. The common drugs of abuse are opioid narcotics, sedative-hypnotics, psychomotor stimulants, PCP like drugs, cannabinoids, nicotine and hallucinogens. Different drugs have different molecular targets but produce similar effects of dissociative anesthesia, euphoria, excitement, etc. drug and alcohol screening is done for the purpose of detecting such drugs of dependence in your body.

The main purpose of drug testing varies for different occasions. Parents do it for knowing the drug status of their kids, companies do it on their employees for eliminating such persons to improve productivity and make a drug free work place and some individuals do it for knowing the status of any drug in their body before a pre employment screening, etc. though many people think that drug and alcohol test Is done for sacking inefficient employees from the team, rather they are done so that they can identify such people for providing rehabilitation and help them in giving up the habit.

Some of the critics say that drug and alcohol testing is an intrusion of one’s privacy. But on the other hand some employers say that drug and alcohol test permit has to be given by the employees before taking up the job. Further the company has to keep a track of the achievements and the progress of every individual which may be hampered by such drug and alcohol abuse.

The drug and alcohol testing company must have a clearly defined drug policy which has to be specified in the job application. It is essential to understand that all these drugs have therapeutic applications too like sedatives, analgesics, etc. So when you detect any illicit drug in the body of your employee, make sure that he is not on any of the medications related to the drug or else you would be nailing the wrong person to the cross.

The drug and alcohol testing employee must be well aware of the drug testing policy of the company. You can do regular drug tests at home using the home based drug testing kits to keep a record of your drug history. This would especially help you before any pre employment screening. You can do this test a week before your interview and on subsequent days. If you find the drug in your body in the initial testing, then you can resort to other ways of eliminating the drug from your body before the testing.

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