Drug Abuse among Teenager

Most clinicians and researches are in agreement with the fact that the drug abuse disorder among teen do have a lot of similarities and variations from psychiatric syndromes that happen during the adolescent age. The similarities in drug abuse among teen and psychiatric disorders consist of impairment of the normal functioning of the teen, inappropriate behavior within the family and social network. Drug abuse among teenager is a major reason behind dysphoric affective disorders and possible death. It is crucial to understand and avoid and treat these issues from a psychosocial standpoint.

The common attributes and differences between drug abuse and addiction and psychological syndromes should be carefully considered and studied. There are several treatment strategies available for prevention and treatment of depression and adjustment disorders, or related psychological disorders; however, these treatment methodologies cannot be indiscriminately used for interferences in problems that are related to drug abuse.

Many factors should be considered in trying to assess, correlate and interfering in drug abuse and child. These contain facts related to substance use in dissimilarity to drug abuse and dependence disorders in teenagers and children, which are not in many cases homogenous group of disorders. The consequence of treating such disorders is related in the bigger circumstance to behaviors, attitude, and socializing patterns within which drug use in early age does occur. Therefore, the epidemiological and etiological factors should be considered in close and relation with each other.

There is not really any solid and accepted criterion for determining what the reason behind drug use versus drug abuse among teenager is; however, it can be due to several reasons that can range from dug abuse in an attempt to experiment with prohibited behaviors, shimmering what some might consider as a unique feature of adolescent development. At what point does abuse turn to addiction eventually destructing life is closely being scrutinized. An aggressive intervention in the midway of abuse can lead to exacerbation of the problem in some cases. Therefore, the right criteria to develop and asses, approach and treat drug abuse among teenagers is still in the progress of study. There are several treatment methodologies, but all are not successful; however, for any kinds of treatment the initial assessment begins with strip testing. Remember, some of the demands for strip testing can be intimidating to the addict that is a teenager.

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Drug Abuse

Shockingly kids through adults are in to this devilish behavior. Drug abuse is a serious concern for parents and the government. As the number of drug abusers increases day by day, it is more of a threat to the overall growth of a nation. It is disheartening to note that most of the victims of drug abuse are youngsters in their late teens and early twenties. This habitual addiction is mainly due to adolescence and related psychological disorders and depression.

The basic trigger behind drug abuse is seen in populations due to varied reasons:

  • People with too much of money! They snort because they do have enough for basic needs of life and do not feel there is anything better to do in life. They just waste what their parents did earn. They are mostly the rich brats.
  • Those which have no money! Do such because they are depressed and do not have something good to do. Depression kills their positive outlook in life and they do sorts of worthless snorting.
  • The middle income group! These are guided by temptation to fall in to this habit.

A percentage of population from every income group is in to this habit.

Drug abuse among teen is due to lack of positive thoughts in them. They tend to lack the attitude to fight failure. Underachievement in schools, colleges, academics and sports is one reason that contributes to drug abuse among teen groups.

Lack of preparation and guidance through the excitement of puberty, unresolved curiosity relating to role of sex in the life, unhappiness at puberty and peer pressure is another contributing reason to snorting. Though such produces relief from anxiety temporarily they are in fact more hazardous.

Drug abuse among teenager initially leads to a sensation of euphoria due to the inhibition of the inhibitory neurons in the brain. But later on, chronic use or higher doses inhibit all neurons leading to generalized depression, mental confusion, and restlessness, tremor, twitching of muscles, convulsions, unconsciousness, respiratory depression, and finally death in a dose dependent manner. Cocaine is a very powerful Central nervous system stimulant in this regard.

After prolonged use such drugs cause habituation and finally addiction. Drug abuse and addiction leads to decreased productivity and depreciation in the activity of an individual. Drug abuse usually refers to the use of an illicit drug that deviates from the approved medical and social patterns of a given culture at a given time. Once such drugs are interrupted, it produces serious consequences which are collectively called as drug abstinence syndrome or drug withdrawal reactions.

As far as the children are concerned, they are forced to adopt a pattern of compulsive drug use characterized by irresistible involvement with the drug. The average age per statistics for drug abuse is decreasing for every decade 9 year old and 11 year olds are in to his habit. Drug abuse and child bothers the parents in such a way that they are forced to keep a close watch over their wards. Drug testing becomes indispensable due to such concerns!

A positive moral guidance from parents and teachers about the overall purpose of life from the beginning years is the only key to demolish drug abuse behavior.