Legalities of terminating employee for testing positive for drugs

If drug testing result is positive in the particular worker it leads to dismissal of an employee from the work. Terminating an employee should be moved according to legal activities.

Company drug tests include urine drug test which aids in the detection of drug from the donor. Companies that test for drugs will conduct the drug test at any period of time with sudden inspection during work hours.

If the company’s human resource notices any worker is under drug addiction they have to take legal actions. Legal action should go according with company policies. Certain companies do drug testing at the time of hiring process in which an agreement will be signed that candidate will obey the company policy. First they should compare the work performance before ad after drug addiction. With this proof they workers are fired by the HR. the other reason can be accounted to terminate an employee are unusual behavior, robbing, sexual aggravation, and imperil to other employees.

Supervisor is one of the key to terminate a worker from work because supervisor manages them during work hours. He could find the difference in their performance and could report to the high authorities. In certain companies supervisors are trained specially to dismiss the worker if any in disciplinary action is noticed from the worker.

Some companies will give notice or warning only once and if the illegal action proceeds the workers will be terminated. Such warning should specify the mistake of worker and what does the company expect from their performance. One verbal warning should clearly indicate for what a particular worker is warned. Certain companies follow reviews before terminating the worker. Termination of an employee can be short term termination and post termination. By giving the apt reason for termination and are given the document for termination.

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Companies That Test For Drugs

Companies that test for drugs should be keen on making the tests during the periods of bioavailability of the drugs. If a large part of the drug gets metabolized in the liver and gets excreted in the bile, then only a small quantity of the metabolite will be available for testing. So, any drug should be tested before its half life or during its half life period. Half life is the time taken for the blood concentration or the quantity of the drug in the body to be reduced to one-half. In cases of drugs that are metabolized in the body before they get eliminated from the system, the ratio of the parent analyte to the metabolite to the time since the dose has been used in forensic investigation is available for therapeutic and abused drugs.

Companies who drug test should get the half-life chart to schedule the drug testing program, so that they test the employees at the time of bioavailability of the drug. In cases of employee back from vacation or from a long holiday or a weekend, it is better to have then participate in the company drug test list because if they have had done drugs in their holidays or weekends, it can be instantly identified, but in cases where the same test is being done in the middle of the week after a long break, weekend or vacation, the compound should have been metabolized and might not be biologically available for detection unless the abuse is going to be chronic. Rare usages can go undetected in cases where the test is being done beyond the half-life span of the drug.

The effect of the drug in company drug tests at any given blood concentration might vary based on the time since dose. For example if the corp drug testing is being done on a person when they are showing peak behaviors of addiction like stimulation, nervousness, fatigue confusion, paranoia etcetera, then the test can show up positive if they have abused. Because the pharmacologic effect of any drug is related to the bioavailability of the drug in the blood in the individual. Involuntary reflexes of the person and their behavior and productivity factor should be considered in making a decision about scheduling drug tests apart from choosing test methods with high specificity and sensitivity. Doing the right test in the right time caters to trapping out guilty workers.

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