Random drug Testing Procedures

In recent years, drink drive have increased and resulted in lot of vehicular accidents and fatalities. US government has taken necessary steps in order to prevent those accidents and deaths. Random drug testing is the valid program that has been implanted in almost in all highways. The random drug testing in drivers will test for random breathe test.

Testing procedures followed in random drug testing are

· Drivers are required to submit their saliva sample on the desk of the drug testing committee

· Saliva sample must be collected in an absorbent collector which is must be placed on the donor’s tongue until the saliva sample is collected.

· Samples are then screened to determine the results within 5 minutes.

Drug testing procedures are carried out by the trained staffs and sanctioned police officers. If the drivers are with negative results they will not be arrested further for drug testing. Where as the drivers with positive test are required to go with police in drug bus and must provide saliva for second time.

Second time drug testing will be proceeded according to the normal police procedure. The second saliva sample is transported to the laboratory for drug testing analysis. The driver is allowed to go only after the process is complete. Moreover he will not be allowed to drive vehicle further. The results are informed within a week to the driver if the analysis result is found to contain illicit drugs in the sample.

This drug testing company is becoming widespread to prevent the vehicular deaths and is welcomed by most of the people. Drug testing involves Oratect fluid drug testing, saliva drug screening, drug oral screening, saliva drug test THC, saliva based drug tests. Random drug testing is easy with saliva sample as the sample collection is easy and not time consuming.

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