Propoxyphene drug addiction – Darvocet drug test

Propoxyphene is the general name of prescribed medication such as Darvon, Compound-65 Pulvules, Darvon, Pulvules, Darvon-N, E-Lor, and PC-CAP.the drugs are available in the form of tablet, capsule, and liquid forms and are taken orally to lessen mild to reasonable pain.

It includes usual side effects that are perplexity, awkwardness and instability. Some abusers feel anxiety and restlessness. Other may also feels some dizziness, while others will experience fainting spells. Headaches, nausea and vomiting are also commonly counted. If you abuse for a prolonged time it causes constipation.

Propoxyphene is widely abused in the prescribed format by the recreational abusers. If the propoxyphene drug is not properly regulated it will develop physical and physiological dependence similar to other narcotic drugs. Propoxyphene is abused via orally which may be chewed by the abuser. Some of the user will crush the tablets to powder and dissolve it in water which is then injected like heroin. Some users likely to snort like cocaine drugs by making in to fine powder.

The dosage level for recreational users ranges from 240 – 420mg of propoxyphene. At the initial stages of addiction user feel dry mouth and intake of lot of water and decreased appetite is also noticed. Propoxyphene also leads to gastrointestinal effects. The constant state of constipation, due to redundant and extended abuse of the drug may also lead to difficulties. Other signs that recreational abusers experience are analgesia, or the loss of consciousness of pain. They can also suffer from mood sway. There would be short period of euphoria, which could decrease inhibition and show unusual behavior.

Drug addiction can be treated with proper drug testing like darvocet drug test, darvocet drug screen, darvocet screening urine, propoxyphene detecting drug, darvocet urinalysis. These testing facilities are offered by all drug testing centers.

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