Ovulation Predictor

Unwanted pregnancies are a serious concern among the young women today. many of you would not like to have children due to several reasons like you are not married, or you are applying for a job that requires you to be non pregnant or you have a doubt whether your OCP has failed or your partner’s condom broke which has put you in a confusing state. In all the above instances, it is not possible to avoid the situation and also it is not possible to run to the doctor every time when such a doubt arises. This problem can be potentially solved by ovulation predictor kit.

These are simple and easy to use kits that help to detect early pregnancy. In other words it gives you an idea when you are likely to become pregnant. It measures the level of LH that is increased in large amounts just prior to ovulation. This can be detected in urine. These are also fertility monitor test that gives an idea whether you can conceive or not. LH levels are irrefutably linked with ovulation. If your anatomical and physiological processes are normal, then LH detection in urine gives the indication that the ovum is released from the ovary.

The fertility test comes in two simple forms. Either you can directly do the test in the stream of urine or you can dip the testing strip in the urine collected in the container. If the test shows positive result for LH, then there are more chances for you to ovulate within 24 hours which may vary. So you can actually track your ovum and follow abstinence during that period and avoid pregnancy. You can also resort to other ways of contraception.

There are also other physiological variations like thickening of cervical mucosa and rise in body temperature. But testing the cervical mucosa after taking a swab is not as easy as using the ovulation kit. Further the rise in temperature is not as reliable as it may also rise in response to fever.

Another potent advantage with the ovulation prediction test is that you can have a record of your LH surge for a number of months. So if you fail to conceive, then you can give this as additional information to your physician regarding your ovulation history. This would in fact narrow down the diagnosis.

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