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Dealing with infertility or problems related to fertility is a lot of strain and there is no second opinion to it.  Infertility can turn out to be a major reason for emotional drain when relatives and friends are trying to help you a lot of their mixed ideas.  The common suggestion from your friends, doctor or relative would be to make use of ovulation predictor test by doing ovulation testing from home using ovulation test kit.

Primarily you need to make your relatives understand that you are sure of how useful an ovulation predictor method would be and you need to make sure that you are welcome about their concern, but their confusing ideas are not because it emotionally drains you off.  The psychology behind the advice from your half-knowledgeable relatives is that they are not really interested in knowing your whole problem, they are concerned about you and they just want to advice you to show that they are an important part in your life.  Their ideas are going to be non-scientific and too emotional for practical use.  Just understand the important of LH test and do not get influenced by the advice of your relatives.  Some of them might even weep about you not being able conceive! Forget all such emotional interferences, be psychologically strong and work out things scientifically.  Emotional strength is very important for the success of any kind of treatment.

Just let your friends understand that you will let every one of them to know when you are pregnant and put them off from giving you advices that way.  You can club the usability of the computer in tabulating your ovulation predator results periodically.  Fertility monitors can predict your ovulation 5 days ahead and it can be pretty useful; however, they are very labor intensive and you need to monitor the results right from day one and morning is the best time that is recommended to test for the estrogen and LH levels. In cases you are taking fertility medications, using a fertility monitor would be very useful.  The ovulation monitors are expensive and you need to purchase the test kits in bulk so that you can monitor the trends each day in the monitor and you get a better clue time ahead about your ovulation status. A single test card is available for as less as $2.25 each when you get them in quantities of 1 to 25, which will be useful enough to monitor for a whole month.

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